Another Social Media Pioneer

Trainset Weaselpanties is probably – these days – best known as the creator of one of the most vital aspects of the internet as we know it today. In the early days there were those who came up with the necessary technology to make the internet work. Several others came up with the appropriate coding, algorithms and file compression routines that now enable users to send as many pictures and videos of underdressed young ladies or cute cats doing cute things as possible. All without the long waiting times that plagued the early internet with its comparatively glacial speeds.

Back in it early days, as most people know, the internet was a text-based medium. This was because it took too long for even still pictures to download. A gif animation of a few frames or so at an almost indecipherable low resolution took the best part of a week to download. This meant that the internet was something only of interest to those relatively few individuals who had computers in those days. Especially as it seemed to entail endless reading of text and messages passed between users. As most people rightly saw – even in those early days – no-one in the world was interested in messages passed backwards and forwards between computer users. The talk of those computer hobbyists about social networks created when everyone had access to a computer and even some kind of social media was dismissed as pointless nonsense.

However, Weaselpanties thought that all it needed for massive worldwide acceptance of computer internet communication was something that even the most technophobic ordinary person could understand. Of course, there were many men – from teenagers to the long-term married – who could see and were excited about the possibility of access to almost infinite amounts of pictures of underdressed young ladies. Also, they were very excited about the prospect of one-day having internet transfer speeds that would allow moving images. Some even dreamed that perhaps one day – in the far future – there would be high definition videos of those same underdressed ladies making friends with each other, possibly in the shower.

There were many others too who say the possibilities of bringing the world together in peace and harmony through the use of chat rooms, internet forums and other such places where people could calmly and rationally discuss the issues of the day.

More importantly, though, there were others – perhaps more far-sighted – who felt that human communication and mutual understanding could one day be achieved if everyone on the net could send cute cat pictures to each other. Some dreamers and visionaries thought that maybe even one day it would be possible to post cute cat pictures with humorously misspelled captions to bring a smile to the face on a dull workday morning.

However, Weaselpanties was far more ambitious than this. Once the internet transfer speeds had reached what he regarded as an acceptable level for his grand social experiment and the social networks were in place he decided the day had come for his significant breakthrough. He prepared himself carefully by getting up early one morning and making himself a hearty breakfast. Then, taking a deep breath, he sat down in front of his breakfast table and composed himself. Then he took a photograph of his breakfast. Without giving himself time to chicken out, he uploaded that picture to every social media site he was active on.

After that one photo of a meal, the world was never the same again, and it was all down to the stunning insight and brilliance of one man – Trainset Weaselpanties.



Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

8 thoughts on “Another Social Media Pioneer

      1. Ahh. Yes, I love bacon, but it’s the sausages – Mum used to get these horrible sausages with big lumps of grizzle in? It would take me an hour to eat one as I would surgically dissect it like a lab specimen to take all the lumps out and it just lost it’s appeal. It was like unwrapping a toffee apple to find you had to dig it out all the maggots to get to the toffee! urrrgghh!


      2. Ah. We have sausages made by our butcher. No strange bits in them at all and very, very good, even though they are usually the size of an elephant’s trunk.


      3. Nice! My great aunt had a big fried breakfast (including fried bread) every day of her life and lived until she was 97. I can’t even face toast until about 10 am!


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