A Secret of the Dark Places

This world, though, has so many dark places. It has secrets hidden in the shadows, in those dark corners where no light ever falls. There something moves and grows as it waits for the night to fall. There something lurks, nursing its hunger and waiting to take its revenge on the light and the beings that live beyond the shadows.

It is an old creature, older than so much else. It has seen so much, and it has forgotten so much. It is eternal, a creature that grows and changes as it feeds and it has never found anything to stop it from growing.

This was its world until mankind came along.

The men stole the shadows and dark places from the creature, forcing it deeper, further into the darkness. The men forced it down into the shadows, down into the corners of the human world. The human world is so careless with its light, spilling it everywhere, making the creature hide and run.

When the humans invented more light, light too bright for the creature it had to do something it had never done before. The shadows grew too small for it, and the humans knew there was something lurking out there in the dark. The people knew there were truths hidden in those stories about the darkness and what hides there. They knew about never stepping off the path into the darkness and keeping out of the shadows during the long dark of the night.

The creature had to grow; unless it feeds and grows then it dies. It had no choice, though, as the light spread, but to divide itself, to become many, to become legion. It took a long time for the creature’s slow thoughts to search back into its memory, to relearn those old ways, to remember how to split and divide. It had to remember how to send its daughter selves off into the darkness so they could find their own shadowed places, their own dark corners where they too could grow and feed and, in time, take the darkness back.

The humans fought back, knowing deep in some ancient memory that this creature of the darkness was itself the darkness, and it would not rest until it had consumed everything. The people began to learn what those old stories meant when they said the world would end for humanity in doom, darkness, and death.

The humans began to fight back, clearing out the shadows as the creature’s daughters battled to survive and to feed. People died in the darkness, people disappeared into the shadows and were never seen again.

Little by little, through, the humans spread their light out into the world. They erased the shadows and brought light to the dark places until the daughter creatures and what remained of their ancient mother were caught, hidden in the darkness.

The humans gathered their forces around the dark places, one by one destroying the daughters as they destroyed the shadows that were their homes. Soon there were few dark places left as the ancient mother screamed and cried for the daughters she lost.

Now, though, she knew it was time to start the final fight, reclaim the darkness from all this polluting destroying light.

She and all her daughters could only fight or die. They had no choice.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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