Sailing Away from Memory

Too many of those instances of time are lost now, washed away by the tides of day after day that scour this shoreline clear of flotsam. Beth believes memories left there are taken by the greedy sea of time that hoards its treasures too deep for any diver to retrieve them. Beth walks this shore each morning, watching to see what the tides have brought in and left behind, and what they have taken.

She used to bring her memories down here and sit on the beach above the tideline. Watching as the morning tide came in to take her memories and wash them away.

Beth does not want too many memories, not anymore. Memories get too heavy to carry, too hard to let go of and too important to let themselves wash away on the tide. Beth wants to be light, to be free. She does not want to be dragged down by memory, drowned by the past that grows deeper and deeper every day. She wants to float free, sail across the surface of the day, skimming the waves and the storms time throws at her.

She wants to swim away, swim away from memory and all that anchors her to the past. She no longer wants to remain on this shore, walking the same beaches she has walked along for so long. She has bought her memories down here each morning and watched as the sea washed the away. But still more memories haunt her mind, fill her dreams and spill out into her hands. She had hoped that one day she would walk this beach down to the tideline with empty hands, free from the weight of memory. Then she could swim off into the sea with nothing to drag her down, nothing left to drown her.

But each day she returns to this shore as the gulls cry over her head and the salty breeze tickles its freedoms across her lips. Each day her hands are full of memories, things she no longer wants to remember. She remembers days of love and days of loss, far too many days for one woman to remember. She wants them all gone, the load taken from her by the sea.

The sea grows heavy with all the memories people throw away. It grows full and deep and strong with the weight of too many memories it has to drag around the earth, pulled by the moon across the world it used to own.

Once this world was all sea, but the weight of memory caused lands to heap and grow, pushing the sea of forgetting away. The sea lost out to the land as memory built and grew upon memory. Then the people came, each with more memories than they could recall. Each with memories they threw into the sea. Each of them unaware that so much memory would add to the land as the sea retreated from remembering too much.

Beth still comes to the shore, not knowing that the land she walks upon grew from memory. That each memory she throws into the sea will wash back upon some other shore where the sea is building more lands of memory. She does not know that when that day comes, and she can finally swim away from this land, free of all her memories, she will swim only to a new land the sea has built from those memories she cast away, and there she will have to learn how to forget all over again.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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