The World Storms

Sometimes there are too many worlds out there. They fall across each other, overlapping and spilling into each other. It takes time to sort them out, put each one back on its own track, give each one its own independent timeline again.

The technicians gossip, as technicians always do, that the storms are getting worse. They say it didn’t used to be like this. They gather around the water cooler, the coffee machines, the lunch tables, and point out to each other the various signs they have picked up from monitoring the different dimensions.

It is true.

Even we supervisors, like other supervisors everywhere famed for not noticing what is going on, have finally begun to see what our underlings have been saying is actually happening. Soon there will have to be meetings about it all. But, maybe we can find out what is going on before all our time is taken up with meetings discussing the crisis, instead of staying here to deal with it.

The storms are getting worse. There can be no denying it.

There have always been tensions, fluctuations, aberrations, and as Fletcher says ‘stuff happening’ along the edges where the dimensions merge into each other.

There have always been ghosts, werewolves, weird creatures, dragons and monsters, unexplained happenings, and people vanishing who are never seen again. These things always happen along the edges of the dimensions. There is no hard and fast division between the dimensions. It has always been possible – if you know how – to slip from one dimension to another, to leave one world and find yourself in some new world.

There are dimensions out there that call such things fiction, fantasy, or some other such name, usually dismissively. But those of us here, at the centre, above it all, know that such weird things are true.

We also know the storms are real, places where the dimensions – sometimes tens or even hundreds of them – twist and crash into each other. It is like a storm at sea hitting a bay or harbour where the waves bounce off the surrounding cliffs, churn, and boil into a maelstrom.

It does take some sorting out. Technicians working long hours to struggle the dimensions back into line, to untwist them, untangle them and set everything working smoothly – or as smooth as it ever gets.

And they are right too, it is getting worse. All the graphs are heading up the scale towards greater chaos, more often.

Something is going on, but none of us knows what it is, or how to stop it.

We have tried resetting some of the dimensions back to their starting conditions, closing some down and destroying those too entangled to unravel, even by our best technicians.

Nobody knows what is causing it and no-one knows how to fix it.

There have been teams we’ve sent into the dimensions themselves to see what they can discover about why it is all going wrong.

Those that returned could tell us nothing. Some – including the team lead my wife Greta – have never returned.

Sometimes, I hate my job.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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