Between and Beyond Everything

It grew from nothing. The universe is emptier than we think. Everything that looks so solid is full of nothing, emptiness waiting to be filled.

Out there, though, beyond what we like to see as reality, mysterious things were waiting. They were not even living, not even creatures… yet. But given enough space, they grew and grew and became.

No-one, knew, no-one suspected, that these spaces between the constituents of matter could be used in such a way. No-one realised that the gaps between particles contained the possibility of growth, of things appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

No-one realised that these gaps, these spaces were only gaps and spaces in our reality, all waiting to be filled. Just as no-one thought that the myths and the legends could be true, or that there could really be ghosts and dragons and creatures of the dark and shadows waiting out there. No-one thought that their nightmares could be a warning of what could become.

Something had to change though, something had to alter for those potentials lying out there to slip into those spaces and to grow there. Of course, as no-one knew why the spaces were there or what the strange darkness was out on the edges of all we could see, no-one thought that the spaces or the emptiness was worth watching. Everyone thought it was just there. A void, inert and unchanging.

That is, until it started changing.

Seemingly, out of nowhere, or literally out of nowhere, if you believe the science, these potentials began to grow. First, they grew into strangeness no physics theory could understand. Then they grew beyond our understanding altogether, until our worst nightmares became only too real.

Then we ran.

But how can you run from something that permeates everything? How is it possible to escape that which grows out of the nothing that lies between every particle of existence? Something that becomes the living dark matter that spreads and grows to envelop us all.

But we are human, even only those few of us that remain. We still need to understand, despite everything. Even if all we are growing to know is our own fate.

Now we know.

Now we know that the universe is itself a living thing. Beyond the subatomic and beyond the astronomical there is a living breathing organism, which exists beyond anything we are capable of understanding. This something lies beyond even those primitive notions of gods and other supernatural beings that some still clung onto as this living universe grew and consumed them before it moved on to change and to evolve into something new. We know now it is becoming a new form of existence. It is something beyond being that no longer has the need for other living organisms, planets, suns, galaxies or what lies beyond this universe itself.

It is all vanishing. Even the creatures that grew out of the emptiness will themselves be consumed as they consumed all the other living beings throughout this universe.

It is so strange that these creatures first answered the longing we had to discover other life in the universe, to not be alone. A new form of existence the universe itself created to devour us now that we are no longer necessary.

Then, only at the end we discovered that yes, after all, there really was other life out there much like us.

But, here at the end, we only hear their distant screams as the new form of existence swallows them as they all die along with us.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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