Evolution and Intelligence

It would have to do.

At least for now.

But those blue seas and the green land bothered Him. He was sure He’d created one like this before.

There was a world He’d created some time back, not that time made much sense to an immortal. He seemed to remember it was one with blue seas and green lands too.

A lot of sea.

Then, at the time, He’d been quite interested in sea creatures. But He’d only turned his back for a few millennia and they’d started evolving. Next thing he knew there was intelligent life all over his nice clean new world.

Well, when He said intelligent life they had turned out to be humans. He remembered one of the other immortals down the pub talking about it. How these ‘so-called’ intelligent beings had invented Gods and religions.

He’d laughed about it then.

This one, though, would be different. He couldn’t stop life evolving, of course, not even a creator could stop evolution. But he could intervene.

Even though, down at the Universe Creation Club, they took a dim view of intervention. The idea was to bring the universe into being and then just watch it develop, change, and evolve.

He, though, thought that was all a bit dull. Surely it couldn’t hurt to give it the odd tweak or two now and then?

After all, what harm could it do? It was only a Creation – easy come, easy go.

He’d lost count about the number of worlds He’d brought into being out of the form and the void. So many, in fact, that The Wife was now nagging at him to tidy the shed.

‘Those old worlds in the corner, what is the use of them?’ she said the last time she’d poked her head around His shed door. ‘Just sitting there in the corner gathering dust, What if one of those suns goes supernova again? You know how much this new shed cost us when that supernova burnt your last one down.’

He glanced over towards the corner, glowing dully as the suns faded and the stars went out one by one. Now he had a closer look at it, the new one looked much the same as that old one.

The Being stood up, feeling the creak in his knees. That was another problem with immortality; it was a bugger on the joints – eventually.

He rooted through the heap of universes.


There it was. A whole solar system back from the days when he’d used to be keen and create entire universes rather than just the occasional sun with an orbiting planet or two and a handful of moons to make the tides interesting.

He moved the new one aside and plonked the solar system down on his workbench. That ninth planet – a bit too ambitious he realised now – was bothering him the way it hung out there beyond the gas giants on the edge of the bench as though it wasn’t sure if it was really a planet or not.

Yes, there was the blue-green world. He blew the dust off it and peered through its atmosphere, wondering what His intelligent life had been up too since the last time He’d taken an interest in it.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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