Interesting Things 03/11/2017

A miscellany of links I found interesting recently:

(As this is the first post in a (possible) new weekly series, there are quite a few of them this time.)

On the idiocy of ‘banning’ one of the greatest books of the 20th Century. ‘What’s really ‘disturbing’ of course, are the implications of suppressing a masterpiece because it offends idiots.’ – To Silence a Mockingbird

Out of the two of them, I always preferred Simone De Beauvoir to Sartre – Episode 107 – The Ethics of Ambiguity. Philosophize This is – I think – the best philosophy podcast I have found, so far. The episodes on Nietzsche and Camus especially are well worth a listen too.

This should be interesting to readers and writers, and anyone else with an interest in how our language changes. John McWhorter on the Evolution of Language and Words on the Move. Listening to this podcast has moved the book right to the top of my Must Read list.

The threat to freedom of speech. ‘Despite intersectionality’s roots in academic theory, the politics of the intersectional Left are deeply anti-intellectual.’ – Get On the Bus or Get Under It: Shouting Down Free Speech at Rutgers

On why an understanding of biology and evolution is necessary – Why Feminists Must Understand Evolution

Needless to say this uses ‘Liberal’ more in the American sense, which often means the opposite of the original meaning of the word – Why Liberals Are Turning Against the Internet

Moral panics and contagion – #MeToo: the return of recovered memories

‘It’s tense debating someone who regards you as subhuman.’ – How Not To De-Radicalize a Twitter Neo-Nazi

Unfortunately it is linked to Halloween, but despite that it is still interesting, especially for those with an interest in story – Regiments of Monstrous Women

The Onward March of the Offendatrons – Humourless

Is the fashionable cult of victimhood destroying the gains that have been made? – The New Feminism Is a Threat to Women’s Liberation and similarly – Panicking about Sexual Harassment is Bad for Women

There are a few this week about harassment, feminism and so forth, driven by the week’s news cycle no doubt. It will be interesting to see if the same subjects continue into next week’s collection or if something else comes to dominate my wander around the web.

[NB. These days it seems (unfortunately) obligatory to add that I don’t necessarily agree with the expressed views in these links, merely that I found them interesting enough to recommend them.]

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