Interesting Things 13/11/2017

A miscellany of links I found interesting recently:

There are quite a few this week too, possibly because I’ve decided to change the day I put this out, which will also change for next week, I think.

Again, it is dominated by the stuff in the week’s news cycle.

A podcast interview on the future of the car – fascinating stuff:

Shallow thinking:

Who is laughing now?

Is GDP past its Use-by-date?

What does ‘equality’ actually mean?

The almost unbelievable number of people killed by communism:

‘Groping for the Truth’:

‘Why do beliefs cluster the way they do?’

Is it ‘Time to Call a Truce in the Gender Wars’?

The trial of Effie Deans:

Nobody expected the Sexual Inquisition:

And ‘The media needs to get a grip’ –

‘Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance.’ –

‘Moralistic exposés of people’s tax affairs won’t drag us out of the economic mire.’ –

‘To make a long story short, I was excommunicated from social justice circles.’ –

Tax avoidance is legal:

What We’ve Learned from a Century of Communism:

Does Evolutionary Psychology Promote Transphobia:

Why I’m Uneasy With the  #MeToo Movement:

Feminists vs women? –

Socialism’s obsession with race:

The gender pay gap myth still persists despite repeated debunking:

The scandal of ‘Remainergate’:

It’s not capitalism we need to defend, it’s freedom:

The Sock Fairy:

Why tax avoidance is not immoral:

Why the initial hype about the impact of change is often wrong:

Why Clickbait Reporting is the Real Problem:

‘A century of Communism achieved four main results: poverty, oppression, war, and mass death. So why does anybody still think collectivism is ‘idealistic’?’: and see also:

And finally, some problems with cows:


[NB. These days it seems (unfortunately) obligatory to add that I don’t necessarily agree with the expressed views in these links, merely that I found them interesting enough to recommend them.]

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