Interesting Things 12/02/2018


A miscellany of links I found interesting recently:

Primate Politics Analysis – Professor James Tilley finds out what we can learn about politics from the power struggles within chimpanzee groups and how our evolutionary past may affect the political decisions that we make today:

No, Postmodernism is Not Dead (and Other Misconceptions):

The History of sedan chair racing in Port Naain:

Why Blocking Ads is About Security, and Always Has Been:

Grid Girls and Puritans:

Dilbert Comic Strip by Scott Adams:

Our state-run healthcare model makes winter crises inevitable:

Trust the people (but only the smart, well-educated, urbane ones):

Human Progress Reviews Steven Pinker’s New Book “Enlightenment Now”:

Mirror Takes Over Express – Some People Will Be Very Disappointed:

Our Tribes and Tribulations:

Big Bang Comedy, and the Shattered Windscreen of the Internet:

Britain’s political correctness has gone too far

Why No One Cares About Feminist Theory:

Wall Of Tyrants:

Free markets work really well – for everyone. We should stop trying to fix them:


[NB. These days it seems (unfortunately) obligatory to add that I don’t necessarily agree with the expressed views in these links, merely that I found them interesting enough to recommend them.]

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