Interesting Things 19/02/2018

A miscellany of links I found interesting recently:

(This will be the last of these posts – they are getting too unwieldy. Maybe in future I’ll just tweet the links each day as I find them, or something.)

[Edit: I’ve changed my mind about this being the last of these. There will be more – starting next Monday.]

The big losers at the Olympics are the host nations:

Mrs Blackbird and Her Brood:

How capitalism tamed medieval Europe:

Censorious Millennials Are the New Victorians:

Oxfam – And the Rest:

Why are Older Hollywood Actors Paired with Such Young Women?:

The Diversity Ideology:

The Heresy of Criticising the NHS:

Here Comes Peter Outrage-tail!:

Sex and STEM: Stubborn Facts and Stubborn Ideologies:

Oxfam – The Real Reasons for Worrying:

Paging Doctor Marx? – Law & Liberty:

To Introduce Oliver Kamm to The Concept Of Markets:

NHS Defenders Value Ideology Over Healthcare Outcomes, But Voters Increasingly Disagree:

Chrome now blocks dodgy ads by default. Which is great for Google:

The Peterson Principle: Intellectual Complexity and Journalistic Incompetence:

Not all gender pay gaps are worth worrying about:

John McDonnell probably brings devilled eggs to dinner parties:

Why ‘Moving with the Times’ Is Overrated:

An Open Letter To Working-Class Women:

Former prof recounts her ‘escape’ from political correctness:

Shaming Corbyn doesn’t work. Stopping funding his supporters might:

In Defence of Mediocrity:

Baby Boomer Myths – old people are horrid and have stolen our future:

The Cultural Diversity Case for Free Speech:

Is There Any Evidence that Trigger Warnings Work?:

DfID must be scrapped to stop charity fat cats getting another penny:

Corbyn may not have been a spy, but he always opposed the West:

Material Technologies:

Unregulated, Unaccountable Corporate Megacharities Like Oxfam Are Not Fit For Purpose:

Shale is the real energy revolution:

Regulators tend not to think about consumers:

Are the giant overseas charities another Hollywood?:

Fundamentalists vs The New York Times:

Thinking Critically About Social Justice:

Is Charles Bukowski a Self-Help Guru? Hear Five of His Brutally Honest, Yet Oddly Inspiring, Poems and Decide for Yourself:

Corbyn’s too dim to be a masterspy – but that doesn’t let him off the hook:

Being Gratuitously Offensive – Does it Win Arguments?:

Not only is business good for society but so are bosses:






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