Interesting Things 26/02/2018

A miscellany of links I found interesting recently:


Buying hard work in:

Artists for Brexit:

Move along, there’s nothing to see – BBC’s whitewash of the Brendan Cox affair:

Madsen Moment – BBC License Fee:

The Forgotten Victims Of #Metoo:

Stop This Corporate Bullying Of the Press:

Labour Needs To Drop Identity Politics:

Fathers Given Choice, Choose Wrongly:

We thoroughly approve of Westminster’s voluntary tax idea:

The basic problem with foreign aid:

You Can’t Measure the Financial Worth of Knowledge:

Corbyn’s thinly veiled threat to the press should worry us all:


Threats to free speech are nothing new in Britain:


Corbyn shows his true colours by threatening the press:

Unregulated, Unaccountable Corporate Megacharities like Oxfam Are Not Fit for Purpose:

Me Too Movement Confronts an Ancient Problem:

The Evergreen Meltdown:

The Google Memo: A Counterfactual Response:

Identity politics: reviving racial thinking:

Welsh Labour isn’t Working:

Space Travel Is Patriarchy And Therefore Bad: (As with most posts at this must-read blog there is much joy to be had from the comments)

Reality TV Gets a Dose of Reality:

Here’s that pesky environmental Kuznets Curve again:

How #MeToo makes it harder to combat sexual abuse:

Corbyn didn’t spy for Stalinists, but he thinks like them:

Welcome To Female Competition: Find A Reason The Pretty Girls Should Cover Up:

Corny Cob’s Puny Denials:

Universities serve themselves not their graduates:

Ebooks are not ‘stupid’ – they’re a revolution:

May doesn’t govern this country:

Renewables have brought rising costs, unreliability and puny results:

Syracuse group hosts ‘nonbinary’ version of Vagina Monologues:

High Wages Aren’t The Problem, Higher Wages Are:

Using the Wrong Pronoun is not a Hate Crime:

Jeremy Corbyn sneers at 30 years of Matt’s ‘genius’ cartoons:

Off Guard:

The Behavioral Ecology of Male Violence:

John McDonnell does really have to say this, doesn’t he?:

It’s All Robert Reich’s Fault – That Decline in Trust in Government:

Tim Harford on Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy:

The State takeover of all our bodies:

The Left’s double standard on the power of the media:

The Skeptical Optimist: Interview with Michael Shermer:

The Russian role in the nuclear winter theory:


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