She was tall for her height and moved with all the grace of an animal known for graceful movement. She crept to the corner of the building and flattened her back against the reassuring solidity of the wall behind her.

She took a breath and peered around the corner.

Armed guards, but only six of them. She knew her unarmed combat abilities would easily be a match for half a dozen armed guards, even if they were all on duty, alert and ready for an intruder to appear.

She moved in the shadow that followed the searchlight beam.

She dusted off her hands and checked over the six bodies lying broken at her feet for any sign of movement. She knew there would be no movement now. However, her martial arts teacher had taught her well, so she never took anything for granted.

But placing only six guards on the gate, against one unarmed woman, was asking for trouble. The EvilBaddie Company had miscalculated. She pulled one of the machine guns from a body and checked it was loaded. A Graski 950 semi-nasty Shootykilll AutoDeath. She had fired one of these on the Agency range. She knew to compensate for its tendency to pull to the left when on full automatic. It had a 17 bullet magazine and could fire all 17 bullets in less than half a second.

She glanced up at the infrared thermal imaging camera above her head. Any second now, the silent alarm that had sounded in the guardroom would send out the other fifteen guards from the detail to stop her.

She planted her feet and raised the Shootykill as the first guards ran from the guard room.

Her ability with guns meant she didn’t have to aim, but she knew she only had two spare bullets in the magazine.

She did not miss.

A few seconds later, the rest of the guard detail lay in a bloody pile where they had all fallen. Each one shot through the left eye as they’d ran into her line of fire.

She sighed at the waste of the two remaining bullets in the magazine as she replaced it with a fresh one. But, as her Agency shooting range instructor had taught her, it was important for a gun to have some bullets in it if you intended to do some shooting.

And she knew the evening wasn’t over yet.

She stepped into the compound, making sure not to trip any of the invisible laser alarms. She had memorised all their locations in the 5-second glance at the schematics she’d allowed herself when planning this operation.

Quickly, she erased all the computer memory of her arrival from the security camera hard drive. She reprogrammed it to show the scene from 12 days ago when the only intruder had been a blackbird flying over the perimeter fence.

Little did they know that the blackbird had been working for her. She had trained it herself in her secret mountain top aviary. There she trained whole flocks of birds to do her bidding through her uncanny ability to bend animals to her will.

Shouldering her gun, she stepped out of the guardhouse and prepared to infiltrate the base.

So far it had been easy, but now the hard work was about to begin.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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