Interesting Things 18/08/2018

A miscellany of recent interesting links:

No, an Invitation to Debate Isn’t a Catcall

Consumers will pick up the bill for an ‘Amazon tax’ on innovation

Je Suis Boris

If Straights Can’t Play Gays, Does That Mean Gays Can’t Play Straights?

Skyfall – 12 Aug 2018 – Flickr

30 Album Covers Featuring Those Frightening Clowns

From the “You Can’t Make this Stuff Up” Department…

Why It’s Not OK to Hate Men

Amazon didn’t kill the high street and taxing online sales won’t save it

Economic Myths #11 – The Mixed Economy

Notes for the Press Conference

Who should pay for the railways?

Here’s the basic problem – again

Old white male professors to be fixed by woke “reverse mentors”

Why shouldn’t straight actors play gay characters?

Samizdata quote of the day

Calling Bullshit On The Notion That Racism Isn’t Racism If It’s Against Whites

Cat Sanctuary On Stunning Greek Island Posts Dream Job Caretaker Position

Secondary Ticket Markets Are Good for Fans and Good for Performers

Sadly, The Quicksand Of Po-Mo Thought Can Be Deadly — And Was

Jeremy Corbyn and the moral debasement of British politics

A Closer Look at Anti-White Rhetoric

The NHS as an Elegant Exposition of the Failure of Government

Gender Neutral Toilets And The Absence Of New Soviet Man


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