Book Review: No Cry For Help – Grant McKenzie

No Cry For Help – Grant McKenzie


During a cross-border shopping trip, a family vanishes. No reason. No ransom. No cry for help.

Bus driver Wallace Carver fears the worst when his family fails to meet him at the Bellingham, Washington mall. His anxiety is justifiably heightened when security cameras unexplainably show that he crossed the Peace Arch border alone. Now all Wallace wants to do is get his wife and sons back. But first he has to work out why they were taken and by whom.


An enjoyable and pretty decent fast-paced action thriller. It starts intriguingly enough when a man waits at a shopping mall for his wife and two sons. But they never appear.

From there the tension mounts as the puzzle around the family’s disappearance deepens as the mystery grows and our protagonist finds himself drawn in deeper and deeper. About halfway to three-quarters of the way through it does start to flag a bit, but the story remains very readable right through to the end.

Although, it has to be said there were one or two aspects of the story that did put a slight strain on its credibility, but the story held together enough to make you want to read to the end. But – to me anyway – it wasn’t one of those compelling unputdownable stories.

Rating: 3/5



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One thought on “Book Review: No Cry For Help – Grant McKenzie

  1. Somehow it sounds… prosaic. ‘Bus driver’? Gaslighting by altering a video is a LOT of technology, so that might be interesting, but ‘shopping mall’ is less compelling. If this has to do with witness protection, the driver would know why already, so that part’s intriguing. Thanks for the review.


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