Recommended Read: The Complete Works (Oxford Shakespeare) – William Shakespeare

The Complete Works (Oxford Shakespeare) – William Shakespeare,

Stanley Wells (Editor), Gary Taylor (Editor)



I’ve read all the way through this about three or four times now, and I’m currently reading it again, on and off. Each time I read it I find more reasons to come back to it again.

There is a great deal in the book beyond the texts of the plays and poems that is also fascinating. See the synopsis below.

As a physical book, it is a bit unwieldy because of its size, but as an ebook it is much more manageable.



Originally published in 1986, The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works is an entirely fresh edition of Shakespeare in which the original documents have been re-examined in every detail and edited according to the most up-to-date findings of textual scholarship.” The second edition has been expanded to include The Reign of King Edward the Third and the full text of Sir Thomas More. Introductions have been revised and there is a new essay on Shakespeare’s language by David Crystal along with a User’s Guide and a selected list of Further Reading compiled by Susan Brock

Rating: 5/5



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