The Reality-Based Community and its Enemies

Over the last few decades, it has become increasingly apparent, especially to self-styled progressives (sic) and ideological fundamentalists, that the current reality we inhabit is simply not good enough for them. This is causing increasing concern especially to those infected with politics who are obsessed with what they see as fairness and equality. Consequently, there are now increasing calls to replace this reality as soon as possible by one they can feel more comfortable inhabiting.

Only yesterday, the spokesorganism from the radical environmentalist movement, The Eco-Taliban, Gaia Bunnykisser, released a new manifesto for when the Eco-Taliban party calls its next people’s revolution. This proclaimed that the scientific-military-industrial patriarchy that controls the world had deliberately created a reality to make profits out of ordinary people at the expense of the planet.

The Eco-Taliban manifesto says that the party will revoke all the current laws of physics, remodel economics and do away with every chemical on the planet. As Bunnykisser herself said, ‘we can, by getting rid of all science and all the evil chemicals, truly build a proper natural world.’ She went on to add, ‘once we remove the evil scientists, technologists, capitalists, industrialists, military and all who work for them, together we can truly create a paradise on earth.’

Unfortunately, just then she had to cut short her press conference to fly – First Class – to a vital environmental conference at a five-star Caribbean holiday resort. There she gave a paper on sustainable living to an audience of environmentalists who had flown there from around the world just to hear this one paper.

However, the Eco-Taliban are not the only ones keen to see this current reality dismantled. There are, of course, many devoutly religious and ideological people in the world who have very firmly held beliefs. They believe – sometimes a bit too stridently – that this reality has now become incompatible with their convictions and consequently that the world must be made to fit their religious or politcal worldview no matter what the cost.

Of course, in the current climate, people’s belief in the inviolability of their own rights is paramount. So, it is now more or less illegal in most countries to ever say anything that might be somehow construed as offensive to someone – even if they never hear it. Consequently, there are increasing calls for strongly-held beliefs to take precedence over this current reality. Many of the devout ideologues are convinced that if they believe something to be true then it is true. No matter how much it contradicts this reality, in which case they insist their beliefs must take precedence over the merely real.

Often, these very devout believers and ideologues have weapons, or at least some access to them. They often also believe that they will enter (or create) the paradise of their choice if they use these weapons indiscriminately on the unbelievers.

Consequently, the militantly devout are getting more and more of their own way.

After all, as most politicians have realised reality is not on their side either. Too often, politicians have some deluded belief that they can change things, or – even worse – believe they can make things better. Only to discover some way down the road that all they can ever do is make something bad even worse and turn something good into something bad. Therefore, they too now believe that reality is no longer to be trusted.

Of course, ordinary people have known all along that none of these classes of people can deal with reality. Ordinary people have no choice but to come to terms with day-by-day reality as it is. All we can do is hope that one day these others – no matter how deluded – will learn to face up to reality and learn to put up with its limitations, like the rest of us.



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