Those Special Days

Once or twice… no more than that.

Oh, but there was that time in the woods at the back of the paint thinner factory. She was in the mood that day. I think it had something to do with the heat, or maybe it was just because it was a Thursday – she’s always had this thing about Thursdays since she saw that film. You know, the one with that bloke in who was in that thing off the telly?

Yes, the tall one with the legs.

That’s him.

Anyway, she and a couple of her friends went to see that film, and it was on a Thursday. Well, you know what they are like when there is a gang of them.

So, anyway, Thursdays have always had a special place for her.

Apart from Saturdays too… well, because it is the weekend. And Friday of course, because it is the day before the weekend.

Monday as well, of course, because she needs cheering up after the weekend is over, and if I do that thing she likes with the butter and the mandolin…. Well, I don’t need to draw a picture do I?

Although, there have been photographs, but we’d better not go into that. If she found out I’d told you about them… well, Wednesdays would be rather different, and her special Thursdays would have to be postponed until Friday and that would never do.

So yes, Thursdays.

And Fridays…

And Mondays… as I said.

And… well, any day with a ‘y’ in it, come to think about it.

She thinks it does her good. I think she is right. She does have that certain glow about her most mornings, and it isn’t down to just the butter and the mandolin.

There was that long weekend I had to go away for that thing from work.

She didn’t look the same when I got back. All the light seemed to have faded from her.

Although, over the rest of that week we did make up for it.

I needed to buy new strings for the mandolin after that, and we needed a spare butter dish for when the main one was in the dishwasher.

Of course, when she was on a health kick one time we did experiment with low fat spread – and even cooking margarine at one point – but she said it wasn’t the same.

So, despite the expense, it is butter every time for us.

Although, by the end of it, the mandolin is rather slippery, but that just adds to the excitement to her, I think.

Especially outside.

I said, once or twice, didn’t I?

Although, now I come to think about it, it is often once or twice a week, especially now they’ve opened that new car park over at the local common.

Apart from the winter months, of course. Then it is too cold to melt the butter and the mandolin goes out of tune far too often.

But still, it does tend to make us improvise a few new ideas to cope with the inclement weather.

And they do say it is a good idea to try something new every now and then, don’t they?

So, yes. As I was saying, that is why I’m thinking of having banjo lessons.



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A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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