But Then Again

But then again, you have to stop and ask yourself the important question… then you decide you can’t be arsed and carry on anyway.

After all, you are here in the kitchen, holding a spoon. There must be some reason for it.

You came into the kitchen full of purpose, decisive and ready for action, holding this spoon… and… and….

Never mind – it will come to you in a minute.

Back – all those years ago – when you were young, you thought all the important questions were about life, the universe, meaning and purpose. You spent years of your young life reading philosophy, psychology, history, science, religions, beliefs and knowledge while your contemporaries were all pogoing down at the punk cellar or strutting at the disco.

And everyone thought you were the smart one.


But then again.

If you had any sense you wold have dumped all those books back on the library counter and gone for a pint, a packet of scratchings and, perhaps, a game of darts. After all, the pub – back in those days – was the place to go if you wanted to find out what really mattered. It seemed to be mostly about football and racing pigeons, but at least you learnt something. As Albert Camus said, he learnt more from football than he ever learnt from philosophy.

Can philosophy explain the spoon?

Can psychology explain why you are in the kitchen?

And can religion explain why you are standing here staring at the spoon and wondering why you are holding it, here in the kitchen?

But then again.

After all, when you are young you think you know everything. You know how to save the world, put it to rights and give everyone a good life full of purpose and meaning.

If you learn anything you soon give up on politics, or you remain ignorant, naive and deluded, grow a beard and become… well, you know who you become.

A politician.

But then again.

A nice cup of tea would solve all the problems that matter.

Perhaps that is why you are here in the kitchen holding the spoon. There is a kettle, there are tea bags, there is milk. Why bother with metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, science, history or psychology when there is the possibility of a cup of tea?

Why delude yourself, waste your life looking for answers when you slowly come to the realisation that there are no answers, or solutions.

The best you can do is the best you can do and hope it doesn’t all fall apart around you while you stand in the kitchen holding a spoon.

After all the 20th century came up with a few solutions to solve all mankind’s problems, didn’t it?

And look how well those ideas worked out. They solved the problem for several millions of people by making sure they were dead and thus had no more problems.

But then again….

As spoons go, there is nothing special about it. A humans go there is nothing special about you, except that spoon is the only that spoon there is here and you are the only you there is.

This life is the only one you have, so get on with it, and make that cup of tea and forget about changing the world.

The world may just thank you for it in the end.

But then again….


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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