Everything Comes Back to Time

There is time.

There is always time. At least, until one day there isn’t.

That was what Glench thought. For a while… well, for most of his life up until it happened.

No, that wasn’t true. Glench shook his head and tried to remember which of the two glasses was the one he was drinking from. Not that it mattered much. both glasses had the same amount of Smerg In them. Glench liked Smerg. Well, he did now. He wasn’t overly keen on in when he’d staggered into the inn earlier that evening, already too full of ale to drink any more of it without… best not think about that.

Back to time.

What about time?

The innkeeper’s wife poured him more Smerg. Glench stopped waving his hand around in the air trying to recapture his elusive thoughts about… what was it about now? She had a magnificent body. How he envied the innkeeper, snuggling up to that every night. She would be warm in winter.

He glanced around looking for the innkeeper’s daughter who was already serving.


He didn’t know the innkeeper… the innkeeper who now was also twins had twin daughters and a twin wife. Like Glench’s two glasses of Smerg. Smerg twins. He watched the steam rising from them both for a while.

It was this morning, in the wizard’s laboratory. As apprentice wizard, it was Glench’s rather unenviable job to do the clearing up before old Hembala the wizard got out of bed – usually around midday – to begin his work.

Normally it was the maid’s job to do the cleaning, but since she was in the same bed as the old wizard, trying sometimes successfully to… well, Glench would rather not think about that. The old wizard was old, after all, and the spell he used to keep himself… active… eventually wore off.

But that morning, something was different.

Hembala explained later about how to take time and twist it inside itself. ‘After all, he said, leering at Glench ‘with that maid, who wouldn’t want to be young again?’ nudging Glench in the ribs with a very pointy elbow.

Glench picked up one of the two glasses of Smerg one of the two innkeepers two wives had put in front of him with one of his two right hands and poured it into one of his two mouths. Neither of his two brains were happy that the old wizard used such power to basically get his end away.

Glench had been at the wizard university too long to have any youthful idealism left, but still – on occasions – he thought that maybe the wizards should be using their powers for good… for the good of all mankind, not just as a way of shagging the domestic staff.

But then – to be honest – if he was in their position, would he do any different?

No, he had his mind on higher… things… a noble purpose… even if he couldn’t quite think of anything noble, or any higher purpose at the moment. At least, not with the way those twin innkeepers’ wives were weaving between the tales, and dodging the groping hands without spilling a drop from the jugs they carried, one in each of their four hands.

No, Glench would use magic for good… sometime soon, very soon.

But first, he needed a little nap in this rather comfortable-looking pool of stale beer.

A little nap… and then he’d start changing the world.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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