Sex Magyck

‘Where do you want it?’ Zena said.

‘What?’ Grent was distracted. This was always an awkward part of the course with his male students, but with a female… a young and very attractive woman, well….

‘All this stuff, where shall I put it?’

It was only then Grent noticed Zena was holding a box of miscellaneous items they would need for the course. ‘Oh, put them over there, on top of your… well, your clothes.’

‘Are you sure we have to be na… undressed for this?’ Zena bent down to place the box on top of the pile of her clothes. All her clothes were neatly folded, and placed carefully on top of each other.

Grent looked away as Zena bent over. He glanced down at his robe where he’d lobbed it into a corner. Balt, his cat was sleeping on it. When he felt confident he could look at her again, Grent faced Zena. ‘Oh, it is necessary, essential.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Sure? I’m a wizard. A fully-qualified wizard.’ Grent pointed to his diploma framed on the wall. ‘I’ve done it this way with all my students.’

‘All your students?’


‘All your male students?’


‘Oh, I see.’ Zena said, relaxing a little.

‘Not in that way.’ Grent’s neck felt warm. ‘Speaking of which, are you cold?’

‘Yes, a bit. How did you know?’

‘I’m a wizard. We know these things.’ He tried not to stare at her… he tried not to stare at any of her.

‘What’s all that stuff in the box?’

‘We’ll get to that. First things first.’

‘Only that one on top…?’

‘What about it?’

‘We had a bull, back on our farm. That one is even bigger than his.’ She gave Grent a look. ‘You’re not expecting me to… are you?’

Grent really blushed this time. ‘No. I… of course not… I wouldn’t dream of….’ He had dreamt though, not with Zena, of course. Her father had made it very clear when he handed over the fees in advance that any funny stuff and Grent could expect consequences. Her father had given a pointed glance down towards his belt as he spoke. Even Grent knew what a gelding knife was used for and that one looked very well used.

Grent hadn’t thought about the Sex Magyck module then, or that Zena was a woman. All he’d thought about was the fee – to be paid in advance – and his bar bill… and his Wizard Guild bill… and his food bill… and his rent.

He made all the promises he was asked to make by Zena’s father and added a few more of his own. It was bad enough that she was a gir… a woman.

Women weren’t allowed to be wizards.

If the Wizardry Council found out what Grent had done, the gelding knife would be the least of his worries.

‘Why Magyck, not magic like it usually is.’

The same question… every student asked it. ‘Because they thing it sounds dirtier that way, gives the customer an extra frisson.’

‘An extra what?’

‘Frisson. You’ll find out what it is in lesson 12. Now, pay attention to these warm up exercises. I don’t want you accidentally turning me into a frog… again.’



Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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