Making This Country Great Again

It doesn’t matter… not anymore.

There was a time when this world seemed in need of saving. I knew I was the one who could save it. I was the one – the only one – who understood it like no other. I was the only one who saw through the mists and fogs that kept everyone else blind to what needed doing.

I knew I was the one. I could feel it deep inside me. I had a sense of purpose and a sense of responsibility. I had a need to show everyone what was wrong and how to fix it.

In the beginning, I was a lone voice, unlistened to, unheeded.

First was Shona. She came to me. She believed me, and believed in me.

Then Frenk, and then the others.

I can’t say whether it would have happened so fast without Frenk. He was good at organising. He planted the seed that became the Party.

I knew he had eyes for Shona. But she was loyal to me. I was her only love.

Or so I thought.

By then the party was big. We were in control. I was putting this country right again. Of course, there were casualties. There are always casualties. There are those who turn traitor too. There are those who plot and scheme.

Hengle was the one who showed me the evidence. A video of Frenk and Shona together in my bed, plotting against me. The trial jury saw the film. The country was outraged that my most loyal followers could plot against me.

They went on trial together in the end.

The people demanded blood.

The people demanded blood and I’m only the servant of the people.

I am the will of the people. I go where they direct me. I take what I know this world needs. I know what the people need, and I give it to them.

The blood was not on my hands.

Some have said the evidence was fake, manipulated.

Some say I am paranoid.

But the evidence was there… in the end. I had seen the glances between them as I talked of the duty of our nation to spread true enlightenment to the rest of the world. I could see Shona and Frenk exchanging glances as I spoke of the destiny of our great people.

The video was just the proof needed for the people for the court. I needed no such proof to know their guilt.

Our eager people’s army marched to save the world from itself.

One by one, the neighbouring countries joined our ever-expanding empire, bringing the truth to the world, spreading the best this world has ever known from our country outwards.

There were people not up to the demands our great vison demanded of them, some inferior types who only dragged the world down into the mire where they lived.

We had to cleanse. We had to build the world anew. Create a new world.

We had to destroy the old ways, the old countries, the old peoples, to bring forth the new world. To create paradise we had to be ruthless.

Then the rest of the world fought back, they denied the truth. They wanted the ignorance and squalor of their old world.

We were so close to winning.

We lost it all.

I lost it all.

Now all I have left is one bullet.

I cannot let them take me alive.

My greatness is too great for this world, I see that now.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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