Getting to the Point

It is hard sometimes.

But this is not the correct forum to discuss that.

Anyway, moving on…

Actually, it isn’t that hard that often these days. But you don’t want to hear about that.

As I was about to say…

I suppose it is an age thing. After all, when it was young there was a certain enthusiasm for getting up and about, getting out into the open.

More importantly, there is something that needs to be said today about…

These days though it would rather just sit there not doing much… a bit like the rest of the body as it ages. What was once youthful exuberance and enthusiasm has now settled for peace and quiet and the deep satisfaction of missing out on whatever it is that is all the rage of the moment.

That is the thing about keeping up with the world, what is going on, current affairs, the news and all that jazz. You realise – if you are lucky – as you get older how little of any of it matters. 90-odd percent of what happens in the news will make little or no difference to your life and knowing about it makes you well-informed – as they say – but none of that means anything. It would be more use remembering that that thing you intended to put on the shopping list earlier this morning.



Something to do with the bathroom was it?

No… salt.

It was salt.

But why you should need to remember toothpaste in order to recall salt was what you wanted to put on the list is a more intriguing conundrum than whatever the politics parties are pretending to bicker about at the moment, and more relevant to your life than the government’s latest cockup.

Oh, it may affect someone out there, but it won’t be you this time. And if it did effect you, like some new tax wheeze thought up by politicians who can only think that making people poorer somehow improves their lives.

Tax it or ban it – the politician’s answer to everything and the solution to nothing.


What is the point?

You’re better off wondering why your own point no longer wants to get to the point – as it were. Although, even though you can’t see its point pointing to the stars any longer these days, you can see its point in that other sense.

What is the point?

Where did enthusiasm and eagerness ever get it in the past?

Mostly disappointment and frustration.

Or over-enthusiasm and embarrassment.

A bit like politics really. There are the zealots, the enthusiasts, the believers, who think they have the solution to everything and the resolve to sort the world out once and for all.

And where does it usually end?

Disappointment and embarrassment at their failure.

If you are lucky.

Otherwise, the piles of corpses piled up by the side of the road that so often fills the news broadcasts and makes you despair at humanity.

No wonder it no longer sees the point in raising its head above the parapet. It has seen what a cockup – as it were – humanity makes of things and sees there is no point in it wanting to make any more of the useless buggers.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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