It’s Obvious

Obviously, the obvious thing to do here would be to start the sentence with obviously. Or would that be not quite so obvious as you’d think? After all, sometimes the obvious thing to do is not quite so obvious. Sometimes the obvious can be quite unexpected when someone is expecting the unexpected.

As the actress said to the bishop.

Or was it what the bishop said to the actress?

Sometimes even the obvious is not quite so obvious as it would seem.

After all, as is often the case, what is obvious to the wife is not obvious at all to the husband, and – of course – visa-versa depending on which way around the blame lies. Obviously, to the woman it is obviously the man’s fault as usual. But showing just why it is so obvious that he is to blame can require quite a lengthy and involved session of constructive criticism as to just why and where he went so badly wrong as he did.


Of course, if he wasn’t so oblivious to the obvious then he’d know what he’d done wrong without her having to tell him.

But, as she often says to her friends, that’s men for you.

But then he often mutters to himself in the safety of his shed about the obvious and straightforward logic of the offside rule and why it matters so much.

But then so much is obvious.

That government is the problem, not the solution is obvious. But we do need government, that is also obvious – if only to have someone to blame (and kick out of office) when it does – inevitably – go wrong.

That the world is constructed thus is both obvious and obviously wrong at the same time. After all, we can all think of better ways of arranging things than this and if we had the necessary and obvious omnipotent powers, we all know how we would put it right.

It is obvious from the way things have gone all cockeyed of late that those  supposedly in charge of the universe – singular or many depending on your particular  – and obviously the only correct –  religion (add or subtract gods to taste and stir in the  theological underpinnings to suit the occasion).

Anyway, by now it is fairly obvious that I have no real clue what I’m on about here. But obviously, if the past is any guide to these situations, I am not going to let that stop me.

I could go on – and probably will do at a later date – but it is becoming obvious that this has gone on long enough and that I ought to be drawing it to a close.

Obviously, there should be some sort of all-summing up conclusion here to end this piece. But as it implies somewhere above it is obvious I do not have any idea what this is about or how to finish it.

So to conclude, I have to say that the conclusion to all this is fairly obvious if you have been paying attention, and obviously therefore I do not need to spell it out.

Obvious, really.


Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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