Juggling Balls: Episode 19


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Chapter 16


The woman from the bench came up to him. ‘Sir, are you all right, sir?’

‘Mandy?’ Martin saw it was Mandy. She was wearing a wig and dark glasses. Martin could just make out the edges of the leather outfit she’d been almost wearing earlier, under the coat.

‘Yes sir!’ Mandy almost saluted as she stood to attention, but she noticed the way a passer-by was staring at her. She drew herself closer to Martin. She pulled the partially-smoked cigar out of her boot and re-lit it. ‘Come on, sir. We must get out of here now! The others are waiting for us. It is nearly time to go and the Dogs are closing in on us.’

‘Right. Okay. Whatever you say.’ Martin had decided, even if it was a hallucination, those men in the Elvis outfits were out to get him and he wanted nothing more to do with them, if at all possible.

‘Mandy, that’s twice you’ve saved my life. Thank you.’

‘I’m just doing my job, that’s all, sir.’ She blew smoke into the air and smiled. ‘I noticed that one hanging around outside when I came out. So, I thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on him.’

‘I’m glad you did. What happened to him?’ Martin nodded towards the slumped figure on the bench. ‘Or would it be better for me not to know?’

‘I think you would rather not know, sir.’ Mandy looked at her watch. ‘Sir! Come on, sir. We really ought to go. Sam will be starting the engines in a few minutes.’

‘Right. Come on, then.’ Martin turned back towards the house.

Mandy strode rapidly away in front of him. Martin had to run to catch up with her as they crossed the road.

‘Hang on,’ Martin said. ‘What engines?’

‘The engines of the ship, sir.’

‘Oh right….’ Martin nodded his understanding, then realised he didn’t. ‘What ship?’


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