This Dread Disease

In the end, though, it had to come to this, despite the precautions everyone regarded as necessary. Self-isolation, quarantine of the infected, extra hygienic routines and antiseptic hand washes and wipes.

But still the disease got through our defences.

It is always the case that it only takes one case of infection to contaminate several others. Before you know it, sometimes, whole groups of people are contaminated. Then there is nothing anyone can do, except hope that the disease will eventually die out of its own accord.

Scientists and medical experts have – of course – been working flat out to find a cure for this dreadful disease, or at least a vaccination against it.

However, experts do warn that even if they do find a cure for it or come up with a vaccination against it, there is no guarantee that this world will ever be entirely politics free.

It seems that no matter how much people believe they have rid the world of the deadly scourge of politics, it is not long before there is another outbreak.

For instance, not too long ago many thought that the highly toxic and usually fatal strain of politics known as communism was almost wiped out. Apart from one or two isolated pockets around the world, it looked as though the long battle against this disease that had already killed hundreds of millions was on the verge of being over.

Then it broke out again, often in some of the most unlikely places where it was thought the population had a natural immunity to this strain of the disease.

There have been over the years outbreaks of fascism, but these have been mostly isolated outbreaks, with most people now almost entire immune to the ravages of this illness. This despite the doom-mongers who insist that anyone of insufficient virtue can be a carrier of the disease, with it likely to break out into the full virulent form, unless the notified carrier is purged of the illness by vocal denouncement, social isolation and cancelling.

Unlike many illnesses, politics is often likely to infect adolescents first. There has been some success in isolating the worst cases in special isolation units within universities, where the outbreak of student politics can run its course without escaping into the wider world.

Occasionally, adults too fall victim to some of the more virulent forms of the disease, and need isolation in houses of legislature.

However, for the rest of us politics only really gets infectious during the election period of the disease cycle. Luckily most people are naturally immune and can live their lives virtually politics free, most of the time.

Still, in would help all of us to find a cure for this dread disease sooner rather than later.



Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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