Beyond the Dreaming

Each time is like the first time, even though each time is nothing like the first time. The world stretches and churns, then comes the falling out of the world into some place that has no name or description. It is a maelstrom of pressure, sound, colours and shapes tossing against the body as it falls and falls as though you will fall forever.

Some people say it is like those normal dreams of falling, but much, much worse. For this is falling out of a dream into another world.

They say that world beyond normal dreaming is a real world, much like this one. Some say that the world beyond the dreams is the real world, and this one is the mere shadow of it.

Some claim all that talk of heavens in old religions is talk of this world beyond the dreams… and the hells of course too.

I do not know what is true, not any more. I’m not even sure if there is such a thing as truth.

Certainly the idea of what is or isn’t true is very different in that world beyond the dreams.

They say us dreamers are the special ones, that we are the pioneers who will take humanity to those new places beyond dreaming. After all, everyone knows this world cannot last much longer. Already the edges of it are falling away, as what is real and what is true no longer hold sway over what was once this solid reality.

The edges of the real are cracked and broken, what was once always up or always down is no longer necessarily the same, and it may not be the same tomorrow as it is today.

No-one knows why the real started breaking down. People have blamed everything from science meddling with the nature of the universe to the decline and death of religion – the revenge of the gods perhaps.

I don’t believe there is any connection between the emergence of us – the dreamers – and the decline of the real world. There have always been dreamers who spoke of places beyond the real. They were sometimes lauded as visionaries and wise discoverers of the truth, but mostly dismissed as cranks, weirdos and the insane.

But those of us who found this new route through the dreams and into the worlds beyond this time and place, have discovered a way out. A chance to escape this world as it crumbles about us.

Some of us died. They went to sleep, dreamt and never woke up, as we searched desperately for the route though the land of dreams. Many were lost in the lands of nightmares. Many walked into dreams they never returned from.

But enough of us made it through, even though less of us made it back. We made the journey enough times to find and mark the route to follow.

Now, we have to teach the rest of the world how to walk into their dreams and how to fall and fall forever to get away from this dying world before it is too late for them.

Published by David Hadley

A Bloke. Occasionally points at ducks.

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