A Secret of the Dark Places

This world, though, has so many dark places. It has secrets hidden in the shadows, in those dark corners where no light ever falls. There something moves and grows as it waits for the night to fall. There something lurks, nursing its hunger and waiting to take its revenge on the light and the beingsContinue reading “A Secret of the Dark Places”

Cats and Quantum Entanglement

Pagoda Cheesewarrior is probably the world’s leading exponent of what is now known as Cat Theory. An area of physics that grew from initial researches conducted into Kitten Theory. For a long time, theoretical physicists have tried to make sense of string theory and quantum entanglement. However, it was not until Cheesewarrior noticed one ofContinue reading “Cats and Quantum Entanglement”

The Goatexplosion Vegetable Dislocator

Manicminer Goatexplosion is known to almost every juvenile school-age learning unit as the inventor of that essential must-have device for all children forced into the cruel savagery of so-called healthy eating, the Goatexplosion Vegetable Dislocator. For most of his career in theoretical and applied physics, Goatexplosion has been working on matter transportation. At a youngContinue reading “The Goatexplosion Vegetable Dislocator”

The Sexy Universe

Of course, those people interested in such matters will already have some idea of the massive breakthrough in science last week. Physicists at the Large Hardon Collider Facility in Little Frigging in the Wold successfully proved of the existence of the – up until now theoretical – Rude and Naughty particles. Of course, it wasContinue reading “The Sexy Universe”

The Revolting Peasantry

‘Is it that bad?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh.’ The emperor stared deep into his aviary. Birds he almost understood, in as much as an emperor needed to understand anything. After all, he had advisors for that sort of thing. But people, he did not understand people. He glanced up at the chancellor. ‘Why are they revolting?’ TheContinue reading “The Revolting Peasantry”

A God No More

It was cold. Shreena wrapped the blankets tight around herself. She was not used to the cold. She had almost forgotten how cold this world could be. She opened one eye and glanced around. The sun was rising through the trees. She could see her breath on the cold air, rising from where she lay.Continue reading “A God No More”

Word Magic

Just forget everything else. There is nothing here except this empty page that waits. The hesitant footsteps come, slowly, tentative at first like some cautious animal stepping out over the page. These words, like this, have never been here before. Each blank page is something new, something yet to be. The words become like footprintsContinue reading “Word Magic”

The Others

The mornings were cold, dark and slow. Jenna felt a reluctance to leave the warmth of her bed and shuffle out into the cold and dark, especially now. She knew she was safe, for now, inside the house. But she didn’t know how long it would last. The Others, out there, were learning, or remembering,Continue reading “The Others”

Just In Case

It was not one of those times. She was wary now. When she first looked out of the window, there was always the danger that it would be one of those days. Patti always had to take a deep breath and pause before she tentatively lifted the corner of the curtain and peered out…. JustContinue reading “Just In Case”

Slow Motion Goose Bedazzlement

Trivialpursuit Sparklebadger was once the world’s leading archaeological expert in Slow Motion Goose Bedazzlement. As we all know, the UK has had a long tradition of Chicken-Intriguing, especially in recent years with the All-Nude code of the sport. A sport that, with the increasing take-up of High Definition TV, has won many more new fansContinue reading “Slow Motion Goose Bedazzlement”

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