The Music of the Spheres

As we all know Tapioca Draingurgle shot to fame last year when her song Explaining Eigenvalues shot to the top of YouTube’s most coveted and hotly contested Mathematical Concepts Set to Song by Attractively Underdressed Young Ladies category. It easily beat the next song on the most watched list by over 1 000 000 downloads,Continue reading “The Music of the Spheres”

Sex Magyck

‘Where do you want it?’ Zena said. ‘What?’ Grent was distracted. This was always an awkward part of the course with his male students, but with a female… a young and very attractive woman, well…. ‘All this stuff, where shall I put it?’ It was only then Grent noticed Zena was holding a box ofContinue reading “Sex Magyck”

The Bonfire of the Estate Agents

As the smoke lazily eddies off into the evening twilight and the Little Frigging in the Wold Brownies begin to dismantle the still smouldering wicker man apparatus, we older villagers can look back on previous Estate Agent public immolations in comparison with this latest one. Old Feebletrousers and Grand Old Uncle Stagnant can remember veryContinue reading “The Bonfire of the Estate Agents”

Travelling Man

I wandered into town carrying my guitar and a handful of songs. As I left the last town – I’d already forgotten its name – there was talk of bandits on the road. But they had not bothered me. Travelling musicians don’t get much trouble from bandits. They know we are poorer than they are,Continue reading “Travelling Man”

The Fiction Writer

‘What is going on?’ I don’t know. ‘You ought to. You are the writer.’ No, I’m not. ‘What? What do you mean?’ I mean what I said. I’m not the writer. ‘Are you sure?’ Of course, I’m sure. I’m as fictional as you are. ‘I don’t believe that.’ I’ll prove it. ‘How?’ Give me aContinue reading “The Fiction Writer”

You Get the Picture

But even that is not without difficulties. At least when it is so… well, you get the picture. Don’t you? Oh. Well, it happens I suppose. After all, this new technology stuff, even though it is less of the new than it once was, still has certain problems doing all the things we are promisedContinue reading “You Get the Picture”

Unfolding the Worlds

Maybe I should think of something else. Maybe I should let these days flow into some other river. Maybe I should walk along different riverbanks. Maybe I should get away from this place. Maybe it is time to find somewhere else, either in this world or some other new one I have not seen before.Continue reading “Unfolding the Worlds”

Public Intercourse

Obviously, it is not meant to look like that. At least not in this light. But you know what they are like once they take a dislike to something. Apparently, it was not only the wrong shape, but the wrong shade of purple too. Now it is even more of a wrong shape. And evenContinue reading “Public Intercourse”

Fiction Rights

She stood in the middle of the room and reached up to the fastener on the back of her dress. She let it fall to the floor. Sher took a bra strap in her hand, easing it from her shou- ‘Hang on!’ ‘What?’ She pulled the bra strap back over her shoulder and picked theContinue reading “Fiction Rights”

Sporting Outrage

These days being offended is fast becoming the most popular competitive international sport. It takes years of effort and dedication to get to the top in what has become a very challenging sport. These days it is not enough to be outraged, you have to be outraged to an international standard. Of course, it isContinue reading “Sporting Outrage”

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