The UK’s Leading Conceptual Artist

Lepidoptera Disestablishment has – over the last few decades – become one of this country’s leading conceptual artists. Her new exhibition at the prestigious Tipton East Scout Hut has become one of the Must-See shows of the year, if not of the decade. Although lacking any official confirmation, following her nomination for the 2009 TurnerContinue reading “The UK’s Leading Conceptual Artist”

From The Archive: Conceptual Art

From The Archive is a special Friday feature. It features posts from my earlier (now-deleted) blog: Stuff & Nonsense and a few items from previous versions of A Tangled Rope that I feel deserve reprinting here, mainly as a way of archiving them. The dates are only approximate, I’m afraid, and there is a possibilityContinue reading “From The Archive: Conceptual Art”

Reaching For A Revolver

An article at The Grauniad on the BBC’s dire Culture Show*, which treats ‘culture’ as a form of playtime. A sort of Playdays for the metropolitan ‘culture consumer’, for whom knowing what is currently hip is more important than knowing what is worthwhile. For example, the programme spends an inordinate amount of time on rockContinue reading “Reaching For A Revolver”

Singing For Your Supper

Here is a comment I made on The Grauniad’s Cif site about the recording industry becoming redundant. My comment: Technology changes and new industries come into being – like the record industry in the 20th century. Then technology changes and industries fade away and some die. The record companies existed to get a physical thingContinue reading “Singing For Your Supper”

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