Internet Mass Debater of the Year Award

Pendulous Stoatdangler is the most famous internet debater in the world. This year he again won – for the tenth consecutive year – the Internet Mass Debater of the Year Award. Although the award ceremony was once again – as it was two years ago – held up while Stoatdangler exchanges angry emails with theContinue reading “Internet Mass Debater of the Year Award”

Meringuenest’s Cake Orgies

Fondant Meringuenest is now one of the most famous TV personalities in the UK. Her Meringuenest’s Cake Orgies is one of the most well-known and – sometimes – watched programmes on British TV. Of course, it is a well-known fact that the only thing the average British person likes better than a nice cake isContinue reading “Meringuenest’s Cake Orgies”

Sexual Aids and Their Drawbacks

Anyway, not that we were overly cynical about the experience, but, as you will know if you are a frequent peruser of this… whatever it is, we have had some experience with devices, products and ideas allegedly intended to enhance or improve  the sex life of the… er…. more experienced couple. We have met withContinue reading “Sexual Aids and Their Drawbacks”

Making The Best Of It With Leftovers

Well, there we were. Which was useful. Otherwise, we would have been here, and it is not much fun being here without at least a couple of sandwiches and a drink. After all, we are here for the long haul. As it were…. Or, even as it probably still is. Anyway, we came to thisContinue reading “Making The Best Of It With Leftovers”

Show Trial

By then she had it well in hand, so we will leave them to it. Give them some well-deserved privacy while they go about what must remain their private business. That is until the video is released onto the Internet. Then we can all safely download it into a password-protected folder before leaping on ourContinue reading “Show Trial”

Health Warning

So, anyway…. There it was standing tall, proud and… oh, hang on. No…. Sorry, I was thinking of something else then. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about it… when we know one another a little better and there is less chance of any misunderstanding leading to distressing legal action and/or 4-page picture spreads inContinue reading “Health Warning”

In Want of a Wife

Of course, as is well known – at least by those who know such things – that a man with his own collection of newt and salamander tanks must be in want of a wife. It is just that most women would rather it was not them forced to make this – ultimate – sacrifice,Continue reading “In Want of a Wife”

One of those… Things

  Still, there you have it. I mean it is not often you see such a splendid example of a… well… one of those…. er…. things. Not this close at hand anyway. Usually you may have to travel as far as the nearest multi-story car park to be within sight of such a splendid exampleContinue reading “One of those… Things”

Social Media

  Anyway, there she was holding on to the violin with all the determination of a semi-professional toad annoyer. Still – as you probably know – there is a lot of it about these days. I blame the social media for it: why, I don’t know, but it seems to be the thing to doContinue reading “Social Media”

A Strange World

Of course, it does tend to happen a lot while you are not looking. That is the way it is with the unforeseen… or, for that matter, the not seen. There are as we all know forces that lie outside of what conventional physics claim – how else would we explain the sudden coming intoContinue reading “A Strange World”

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