The New Literary Sensation

Pennib Trustfund is probably the leading figure in today’s literary scene. Her works have all the literary critics in academia and the media raving about them. Some have said she is the most significant literary figure to appear in the 21st century and that her name will live on into the next century, as longContinue reading “The New Literary Sensation”

The Theoretical Nature of Theories of Nature

These days, Rectangle Spiralstaircase is best remembered as the instigator of what later became known as Theory Theory. For a long time in the past people had noticed things, but it wasn’t until the Victorian era when natural philosophers became gentlemen scientists that it became fashionable, especially in polite circles to have a theory ofContinue reading “The Theoretical Nature of Theories of Nature”

The Evolution of the Supermarket Car Park

Sir Bastion Bargepole was – as many already know – the first explorer successfully to circumnavigate the Tesco car park in Bewdley, back in the early Victorian era. Of course, back in those days supermarkets had only just been discovered in the wild untamed jungles outside the Home Counties. As cars had yet to beContinue reading “The Evolution of the Supermarket Car Park”

Great British Chip Design

Flashmob Spendapenny is probably the UK’s leading Chip Design Engineer. Ever since the heyday of the crinkle-cut chip a few decades ago, gastronomic designers have been working hard to produce a new style of chip suitable for the 21st Century. There have been many attempts to develop a new chip style for the zeitgeist ofContinue reading “Great British Chip Design”

Recent British Olympic Successes

Discount Slingback is probably the UK’s leading professional all-weather freestyle toast catcher. Slingback first came to notice and national acclaim when she won the silver medal at the 2007 Olympic Games in Newton Abbott. She earnt the medal with a stunning triple summersault, half pike grab of a slice of wholemeal toast as it ejectedContinue reading “Recent British Olympic Successes”

The Pandatoe Conundrum

Jumpstart Pandatoe first noticed the phenomenon that has come to bear her name at quite a young age. Back then, she used to pay attention to the news programmes whenever they came on TV, which was unusual in a youngster, as people only really start paying attention to the news when they are too oldContinue reading “The Pandatoe Conundrum”

The Sock Event Horizon

As we all know, the black holes in the universe all lie beyond what physicists call the Sock Event Horizon. This is the place where all the odd socks, lost pens and other detritus of the universe ends up as it disappears from this universe, using the black hole as a conduit or wormhole toContinue reading “The Sock Event Horizon”

Hollywood’s Sexiest Leading Man

As everyone knows, Bollard Chestwig is one of Hollywood’s top actors, playing some of the most successful romantic lead roles in the history of cinema. Unfortunately, his latest film Return of the Nasty Thing IV has not been as successful as the other films in the series. Many critics have put this down to theContinue reading “Hollywood’s Sexiest Leading Man”

Furryparts and Documentaries

Cucumber Furryparts is undoubtedly the UK’s leading expert on presenting TV documentaries. From history documentaries about the prehistoric world, right through to current affairs documentaries about the political crisis of the moment, she is there on screen giving apparently thoughtful insights direct to camera. Of course, as most people know Furryparts began her career asContinue reading “Furryparts and Documentaries”

Political Controversy in the UK

Tablecloth Swollenmember is probably the UK’s most prominent ordinary Member of Parliament. He has never held any of the high offices of state, or even any lowly cabinet position, despite being one of the longest serving Members of Parliament in Britain. As many former government ministers and political correspondents have pointed out, the UK hasContinue reading “Political Controversy in the UK”

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