The Personal Computer Revolution – How it Began

Bitstream Logicgate first invented the computer system that made him world-famous during his teenage years. At the time, downloading anything from the internet beyond plain text could take anything up to half a day. Therefore, the pictures of underdressed young ladies that are vital for a teenage boy’s intellectual development could take several hours toContinue reading “The Personal Computer Revolution – How it Began”

Grandmasters and Artificial Intelligence

Spermwhale Loftinsulation is these days probably the leading Cheese Uninterest Grandmaster in the world today. Of course, professional Cheese Uninterest is probably one of the most exacting sports in the world at this time. Some would even argue that a tactical mastery of complete uninterest in cheese is easily on a par with chess asContinue reading “Grandmasters and Artificial Intelligence”

A Great Internet Pioneer

These days, Backpass Staplingmachine is best known as the man originally credited with the invention of the forerunner to the Internet. It all began back in school, where Staplingmachine belonged to a club of teenagers obsessed with both collecting pictures of cats doing cute things and sharing the pictures with each other. Staplingmachine had startedContinue reading “A Great Internet Pioneer”

Breakthrough Imminent in Robotics

These may not be the droids you are looking for, but there have of late been some startling advances in the field of robotics. Robot vacuum cleaners, for example, have now around for a long time, taking a lot of the drudgery out of yet another household task. New advances in other areas of theContinue reading “Breakthrough Imminent in Robotics”

World Held to Ransom

Pingpong Diskpartition is – of course – chief head-boss CEO of the world’s leading producer of computer operating systems. Naturally, he is – thus – on the Most Wanted lists of all the world’s security services. Speaking from a secret island location today, Diskpartition issued a stark warning to the world. He claimed that hisContinue reading “World Held to Ransom”

The World’s Greatest Video Game of All Time

Spindizzy Rainbowisland is, of course, the UK’s leading video game designer. His massive worldwide hit from 2008 Grand Accountancy Audit: VAT Return is one of the biggest selling computer games of all time. In addition, the game is a great critical success and marketing franchise. Based loosely on the hit film The Justice League ofContinue reading “The World’s Greatest Video Game of All Time”

Letting The Numbers Take Care Of Themselves

Think of a number. No…, not that one. Think of a different number, not one of those common as muck numbers everybody thinks of, after all there are several numbers that people don’t often use in such examples. For, as we know, there are a lot of numbers about. However, as the great mathematician, CosineContinue reading “Letting The Numbers Take Care Of Themselves”

Video Game Outrage

Yesterday, there were further call in the media for greater controls over computer and video games. The controversy centres around the latest game in the very popular Call Of Gardening franchise: Call Of Gardening 4: This Time It’s Begonias. The furore erupted yesterday when several of the UK’s tabloid newspapers revealed what happens in theContinue reading “Video Game Outrage”

Come To That

Well, it could be taken the wrong way – as the bishop said to the… well, anyway. She did make the offer, though, and as I’m not a tabloid journalist, I did not make my excuses and leave. Also, not being a politician, I didn’t ask for a receipt for a claim against expenses. ConsequentlyContinue reading “Come To That”

A British Computing Pioneer

Register ‘Reg’ Benchmark is probably the UK’s foremost computer engineer from the early post-war period of British computing history. It was a time when computers were emerging from the secrecy of their vital war work. Of course, back in those days it was difficult to see – in time – how important and essential computersContinue reading “A British Computing Pioneer”

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