Contemporary mathematics

Spindizzy Legobrick is probably the UK’s leading contemporary mathematician. He is famous for solving both Goldfinger’s Postulation and the world-famous Cheese Imponderable first formulated by Gödel during a slow Wednesday afternoon.   As most mathematically-literate people are aware Goldfinger’s Postulation claims that each number can be written with either straight lines (such as 1 orContinue reading “Contemporary mathematics”

New Kindle Novel Out Now: Juggling Balls

Juggling Balls available here(UK) or here(US) Special Low Launch Price: £0.77/$0.99 Martin Laws hates mysteries.    So why has someone sent him a bag of juggling balls?    Why has he no memory of buying a new computer?   Why has that new computer decided Martin needs to go shopping?   Why does a hairstylistContinue reading “New Kindle Novel Out Now: Juggling Balls”

Undocumented Features

Well, there you have it. Not much of one, I’m afraid, but with the amount of money you are prepared to pay, that’s just about the best you are going to get. Be careful with it though, because this model has an undocumented feature where if you use it as intended, following the manufacturer’s usageContinue reading “Undocumented Features”

Social Media and Society

Yesterday, social media darling Cleverly Pointless called for a 24–hour boycott of the social media site TwatFace, claiming that some of the users of the site are not as totally in awe of her genius, good looks and amazing sexual technique as she thinks they should be. Pointless called for the boycott as she claimsContinue reading “Social Media and Society”

Robot Butlers and their Pitfalls

It was not that much of a surprise, in the end, even though she did utilise the tin opener in a manner not foreseen by its manufacturer, at least not according to the limitations of its warranty. But, as I said at the time, it did stop it… in the end. That is, of course,Continue reading “Robot Butlers and their Pitfalls”

Keep Away from the Edge

Anyway, there it was and there I was too, which was lucky. If I’d been over there – jut to the left of that sidebar, say, then it is quite possible I could have fallen right off the edge of your screen. And who would be responsible for that, especially when I made a claimContinue reading “Keep Away from the Edge”

Social Media

  Anyway, there she was holding on to the violin with all the determination of a semi-professional toad annoyer. Still – as you probably know – there is a lot of it about these days. I blame the social media for it: why, I don’t know, but it seems to be the thing to doContinue reading “Social Media”

On-Line Bullying and Abuse

In the end, it turned out to not be that important; at least when she realised that nobody really gave that much of a shit one way or another. It was just another of those moral panics whipped up by a media constantly worried about its own increasing lack of relevance in people’s lives, nowContinue reading “On-Line Bullying and Abuse”

Up and Running

  Still, even though it was not quite as clear-cut as the – albeit rather skimpy – instructions suggested it ought to be, eventually we got her new device up and running. However, before we had scoured the instruction pamphlet for all the necessary details, it had already diced a carrot, mowed the lawn andContinue reading “Up and Running”

Songline Stories

  Usually, at the end of the day we sat; weary, around the camp fire, while the Elder told us a story. He often told the stories of the Old People from the Times Before. The Elder knows many stories of those long-gone people and the Times Before. The Times Before were strange times, whenContinue reading “Songline Stories”

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