Artificial Intelligence and its Limitations

Well, I suppose you had to be there, or – at least – in fairly close proximity, otherwise it would probably have made no sense to you at all. At least, that is if you hadn’t seen one of them before and the way it can totally reconfigure your conception of what it means toContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence and its Limitations”

Arcane and Mystical Codes

Back in those long ago days, of course, there was no such thing as the internet and any connoisseur of the rude and naughty had to make their way out into the open air in order to even get a glimpse of a photograph of an underdressed young lady. Furthermore, cute kittens could only everContinue reading “Arcane and Mystical Codes”

New Technology

Anyway, not that I’d used one before, but it seemed obvious enough – at least after you’d shook the lemur off the end of it and set it to vibrate at medium intensity. Still, though all new technology takes a while to get used to, I suppose, and I am reasonably confident that the KiltContinue reading “New Technology”

Computer Scientists Announce Failure of AI Project

Today computer scientists announced that after many fruitless years trying to develop computer artificial intelligence (AI), they are going to give up on the project altogether. In a press conference, called at the university laboratories where the projects took place, a computer scientist revealed that all the AI projects were now terminated, saying: First weContinue reading “Computer Scientists Announce Failure of AI Project”

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