The World’s Leading Environmental Activist

Heliotrope Sausagepunk is best known these days for her principled stance against the commercial exploitation of dandelions. After a long career in political activism and other such futile gestures and attention seeking, many thought that Sausagepunk had – at last – run out of things to complain about. However, her latest campaign against what sheContinue reading “The World’s Leading Environmental Activist”

The World In Her Hand

At first when Rose told me, I didn’t believe her. After all, I was the one with a physics degree. If I didn’t know how the universe worked down to the last detail, at least I had a good idea what was going on…. Or that was what I thought until I saw what RoseContinue reading “The World In Her Hand”

Magic In The Air

There was a time when all of this was files. Of course, not long after then the area around here was all fields, but then that’s databases for you. However, since those times, the record-keeping has all gone into the cloud. Many in the area have since put down the increasing use of hats toContinue reading “Magic In The Air”

A World As It Ought To Be

It began as a normal day, which is a worry. After all, normality isn’t really what we expect any more. What is the point in severing the link between cause and effect, if things are still going to keep happening one thing after another? Of course it had to happen eventually, for far too longContinue reading “A World As It Ought To Be”

A New Religion

Still, I suppose she had the banjo, so it was not a wasted journey. Despite all the trouble we had finding the place, it was – as these things go – rather a quiet affair. That is the trouble, of course, with inventing a new religion. In its early days it does tend to beContinue reading “A New Religion”

Wearing the Wellies

Well, it all makes sense now, doesn’t it? After all, there must be a reason for it, mustn’t there? Because we all know things… especially things like that, do not happen without a reason. For most of us, wearing wellies and a bikini is not a normal daily fashion choice and so she must haveContinue reading “Wearing the Wellies”

Undercover Policing and its Drawbacks

Of course, those that first met PC Splank Horology off-duty, knew little of his secret life as an undercover policeman. The persona he adopted, of Hotwire Treehugger, was part of an attempt by the police to infiltrate one of the UK’s most notorious extremist environmentalist organisations. The first such operation since PC ‘Stan’ Nark hadContinue reading “Undercover Policing and its Drawbacks”

Things Going On

At the time, well, none of us really knew what was going on. This, after all is not all that unusual. We usually find that if someone does claim to know what is actually going on, their claim – eventually – all revolves around either government and big business conspiracies, or giant invisible space lizards,Continue reading “Things Going On”

Illicit Intrusions

  Even then it is not always immediately obvious that the forces of government surveillance have secreted a spy submarine in your bathroom, until the tell-tale protrusion appears above the foam of your bubble bath. Although, such is the suspicious and paranoid nature of modern life, it will often be the case that your bathContinue reading “Illicit Intrusions”

Better the Devil you Know

  Well, there you have it, not much to look at, but it does tend to frighten away many of those who seem to delight in coming to the front door in order to attempt to sell you stuff, up to and including a very dubious notion of an afterlife so bland, dull and humourlessContinue reading “Better the Devil you Know”

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