[….] ‘Are you going to tell me?’ Julia said as the song ended. ‘Tell you what?’ ‘Why you aren’t going to the lectures? Why you act so pissed off all the time? Why you don’t make me laugh like you used to?’ She knelt up on the bed, looking at me. The light of theContinue reading “Envy”

The End of the Chapter

She saw. That was enough. Now she understood. She closed the door. She walked away. She closed that chapter on her life with that closing door. She walked for a while, for hours. She walked along down by the river with the autumn wind blowing her red-gold hair around her face as it blew theContinue reading “The End of the Chapter”

Monday Poem: One Breath

One Breath All there is, is all there could beenclosed all within this one breaththat takes a lifetime to exhaleand is all over in an eye-blinkthen lost on breezes that blow usaway into forgotten dust. All moving with the flowing winds and chasing on along the breezesthat take the seeds of starting lifeall falling downContinue reading “Monday Poem: One Breath”

Jam and Scones

Ah, but we were young then and not quite as hairy in surprising places as we are now. There were times when it all seemed as though even the winters were one long endless summer and your impatience with the restrictions of underwear were not affected by sudden drops in temperatures and the prospect ofContinue reading “Jam and Scones”

Stories on the Wind

There were times when there were stories blowing on the wind. There were once times when it seemed there was a tale lying over every hill and each horizon hid legends and myths beyond the rising or setting sun. There were times when these lands seemed full of stories and each traveller carried with themContinue reading “Stories on the Wind”

In the Dark of Morning

Then there are those mornings when the alarm drags us out of the night while it is still dark. We huddle tight against each other to keep the cold at bay while we try to hang on to those scraps of dreams that somehow promised a life better than this. A life where I didContinue reading “In the Dark of Morning”

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