Grow Old Together

Side by side, we sat together on the riverbank. It was a perfect summer day, a cool breeze taking the edge off the heat. She turned, looked at me, and I knew then. I saw then the life we could have together, a perfect life. I could live with her, here in this valley, downContinue reading “Grow Old Together”

Sail Me Away

I would have spoken to her about distance and I would have spoken to her about silence. She was away, though, lost deep in her dreams while I waited on the shore of the morning for the tide of light to come easing through the window and sail me away towards the day. I wouldContinue reading “Sail Me Away”

Between the Shapes of this World

I once thought I could take these shapes of the world and carve words out of them that would stand here for all to see and perhaps understand. I thought I knew the secret of turning things so they could say what I saw, tell what I knew. I thought this world was malleable, thatContinue reading “Between the Shapes of this World”

The Key for the Morning

It is almost as if there is something there, something just beyond the grasp that lies so tantalisingly close, which – if twisted just the right way for just the right amount – somehow set the whole thing right. Sometimes, it seems that other people know this secret, that they have taken hold of thisContinue reading “The Key for the Morning”

The Days are Barred and Bolted

Some mornings it is hard to find a way into the day. The day has its doors bolted shut and all its windows locked. The day is waiting, there, in front of you but there seems to be no way in. You are stuck out here in the dark and cold of the night; whereContinue reading “The Days are Barred and Bolted”

Changing Times

These days we go back to places and see how they have changed. When we were younger we used to go to new places, seek out the new. These days we no longer want, or need, the new. The familiar and the changes to it – however slight – are what we look for theseContinue reading “Changing Times”

A Washed Away Life

I took her by the hand and took her away from that life she was leading. I took her from that world she was living in, where all the colours had washed away and faded in the endless rains that fell down on her there. I took her to a new place. I took herContinue reading “A Washed Away Life”

Monday Poem: What She Brings

What She Brings She walks through all his dreams, through all his nights.She is always there, he is not alone.She haunts his waking hours with promises of times they’ll spend together when he walks the passageways of his warm dreams again along to that closed door to enter her worldto where she takes him byContinue reading “Monday Poem: What She Brings”

The Day Pouring Down on Her Skin

It was easy to forget in those days. Sometimes she held me so enthralled I forgot to make the new day for her and she would sit there on the edge of her bed wondering where the morning had gone. Sometimes I would be so absorbed in watching her sleep and watching the dreams I’dContinue reading “The Day Pouring Down on Her Skin”

Monday Poem: Her Yesterdays lie Drowned

Her Yesterdays lie Drowned She shapes her memories with movementturning them into dreams she clutches in her handsas she swims deeper into her dreams to find her way back to those undersea caveswhere her yesterdays lie drownedin the tears of all her many regrets for a life she walked away fromand crossed so many seasContinue reading “Monday Poem: Her Yesterdays lie Drowned”

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