Stories and Strangers

You emerged out of the mist-shrouded distances onto the early morning path where I was walking. ‘Come with me,’ you said and took me back along paths of mist and dawn to a place you knew. You said you had spent the evening before listening to the stories I told of the women who knowContinue reading “Stories and Strangers”

Of All the Fish and Chip Shops in All the World

Of all the fish and chip shops in all the world, she had to walk into mine. Of course, I remembered her from that time in Luton – after all, no-one can ever forget Luton – but she hadn’t changed. I still remembered that walk, the way she looked at you as if she knewContinue reading “Of All the Fish and Chip Shops in All the World”

The Corridors of her Dreams

I looked back to see her chasing me, down the corridors of her dreams, down the twisting lanes and along the skyways we had travelled together as she slept. We had said good-bye three dreamless nights ago and I had walked away, out of her dreams. I thought it would be forever. I thought IContinue reading “The Corridors of her Dreams”

Scattered over the Possibility of a Day

Then you shake the dark sheets of the night and watch the stars scatter and fall, twisting the shape of this universe into something new. A place where the possibilities arise and all your dreams become true. There was a time when you thought all of this was just some dust you scattered over theContinue reading “Scattered over the Possibility of a Day”

Between Dreaming and Waking

The story began there, in that moment between dreaming and waking. The dream was still there, curled up on itself, waiting to unroll across the sleeping mind. The day too, though, was waiting to begin, ready to bring itself out from under the dark blankets of the night. Each of them was supposed to keepContinue reading “Between Dreaming and Waking”

Dread of the New Day

There were times when it seemed too hard, too difficult to meet the new day. Times when the night never seemed long enough, even though she chased restless sleep across the bed all night. She dreaded the sound of the alarm, which would, inevitably, drag her from whatever exhausted sleep she’d managed, where her dreamsContinue reading “Dread of the New Day”

Telling her Story

She emerged out of the possibilities of an unfolding story. At first, there was just the room, bare, empty: a room without design or purpose, barely four walls and a window. Of course, there had to be a door too, even a mystery – should it turn out to be one – needed a door,Continue reading “Telling her Story”

Monday Poem: Another Stilled Night

Another Stilled Night Is it better to cloak the night in dreams,or to lie awake in the darkness,plotting for what dawn will bringas the unwilling hours stretch outto drag each other slowly forwardto fall in unused heaps at the footof the bed that wallows in the doldrumsof another stilled night, where eachtick falls like theContinue reading “Monday Poem: Another Stilled Night”

When she Came

I woke suddenly, convinced that something was wrong. I felt as though I was not alone. I was right, when I looked; she was there, standing at the bottom of my bed. ‘Who are yo…? What the fu…?’ I mumbled, wondering how she had managed to get into my house and – absurdly – whatContinue reading “When she Came”

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