Thursday Poem: Drifting towards Dawn

Drifting towards Dawn Now in the stillness of the darkest hoursthe time in hesitant small steps takes us towards the dawn and all the day can bringas we each drift towards the wakefulnessthat leaves our dreams behind on pillows warm and hollowed out by sleeping heads, a place for dreams to take their rest. WeContinue reading “Thursday Poem: Drifting towards Dawn”

The Door to her Dreams

I opened the door from her dreams and walked into her world. She was ready, waiting for me. I told her all the stories she wanted to hear about the strange lands that lay over the hills and she showed me the lands of her bed and of her body, letting me explore all ofContinue reading “The Door to her Dreams”

Something Fluid

It was not something you could pin a name on; it evaded easy description and categorisation. Jade was not a woman who you could say loved you, even if you thought you loved her. She was evasive, but not in any devious kind of way. It was just that she was like trying to captureContinue reading “Something Fluid”

Those eyes

I have held lives in the palm of my hand and curled my fingers around them, either to keep them safe or to squeeze the essence from them. It has been up to me to choose who is to live and who will die. I have looked into the eyes of those who have justContinue reading “Those eyes”

Beyond Land’s End

Sometimes, on the evening train going home from his working life, he’d sit watching the world going by outside the train while wondering what would happen if he didn’t get off at his usual stop. Where would he go? What would become of him? Would the rest of his life, his wife, his children, hisContinue reading “Beyond Land’s End”

Monday Poem: The Landscapes of Dreaming

The Landscapes of Dreaming Your hands clutched tight as you sleptkeeping tight hold of all your dreams.Nothing escaped those watchful eyesbehind closed lids as they chasedacross all the landscapes of your dreaming, searching for the morning that lay hiddenbeyond the curtains of that small roomwhere I waited for you to awakeand take me with youContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Landscapes of Dreaming”

How Worlds are Created

There are those who think they know how worlds like this come into being. They think they understand how to take this airy nothing and twist it into shape so that the mountains grow out of the flat lands and they think they know those motions of the wrist that can fill this valley withContinue reading “How Worlds are Created”

Monday Poem: A World Grown Strange

A World Grown Strange It is like the aftermath of illness;a slow recovering of how to live.The artful secrets of breathing,the possibility of movement. A return to a world grown strange,just beyond the reach of feeble fingers,which takes time and twists it through visionsthat haunt the dreams of waking. And the awoken world seems lesContinue reading “Monday Poem: A World Grown Strange”

Ripped Dreams

We could hold this secret in our hands, keep it wrapped tight against the cold harsh deprecations of this world. A world that will rip your dreams from you and toss them on the storm winds until they are blown far away and out of reach. This world will tear your dreams from you andContinue reading “Ripped Dreams”

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