The Travellers’ Tales

It was not easy. Jana turned and looked back at the muddy road she’d walked along. This time, when she looked back, the village was out of sight. It was still early morning, but already she could see the smoke from the various fires in the village rising above the treetops into the clear morningContinue reading “The Travellers’ Tales”

Beyond Anything Anyone Could Ever Know

There are times when what is real, and what isn’t real is no longer as simple as people tend to assume. Rose knew that the real around her was only tenuous at best. She knew the real could fade away and become as insubstantial as any dream left behind on her sleeping pillow. She couldContinue reading “Beyond Anything Anyone Could Ever Know”

Letting the Words Grow

And this? What will it become? What will grow from this? These few words scattered across the page. A hope they will grow into something. A hope they will take shape and form that will grow on down the page into something else, something that goes beyond mere marks on the page. Something that growsContinue reading “Letting the Words Grow”

Free Kindle Novel: What Dreams May Come

FREE for the next Five days: What Dreams May Come Click here: Universal link   Dreams are dangerous things. After a mental collapse forces him to sell his software company, entrepreneur Stephen Parker retreats to the quiet coastal village of Stoneyhaven, hoping to rebuild his life. Soon Parker discovers how dangerous dreams can be, asContinue reading “Free Kindle Novel: What Dreams May Come”

Where this World Turns to Shadow

This world has so many secrets it keeps hidden around corners, in dark places, under the shadows, beyond the ability of eyes to see or fingers to reach. Shona knew many of those dark places, those hidden shadowed corners, but not all of them. Even though she was now beginning to feel her age, sheContinue reading “Where this World Turns to Shadow”

Dreams are Easy

Sometimes, Nella thought, dreams are easy. She had known Shola all her life, and she knew Dran too. She knew what Shola wanted, and she knew that Dran was interested too. She would speak to Tallen, the village elder and the wise woman, Drona, and tell them what she had learnt. Within the year, probablyContinue reading “Dreams are Easy”

Another Social Media Pioneer

Trainset Weaselpanties is probably – these days – best known as the creator of one of the most vital aspects of the internet as we know it today. In the early days there were those who came up with the necessary technology to make the internet work. Several others came up with the appropriate coding,Continue reading “Another Social Media Pioneer”

A New Golden Age

According to the old stories, whispered late at night amongst people who have known each other a long time, there was a time when there were no Temples on the hills in each town or village. These old stories tell of a time from before when our grandfathers were young. They tell of a landContinue reading “A New Golden Age”

The Blue Notebooks

So many things lie out there, beyond the reach. Each hand reaches out to touch and to hold, hoping for the feel of some human warmth against the cold. Each eye opens, wanting to see the light of possibility pulling the day from the darkness. Each heart beats with the need to go on livingContinue reading “The Blue Notebooks”

When the Nights Grew Too Long

The nights are too long now. There was a time when the nights were short, over with too soon. There was a time when the morning came long before we were ready to meet it. Those were the nights when we came together and stayed in each other’s arms as though clinging together against theContinue reading “When the Nights Grew Too Long”

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