Over-Clocking Your Electro-Weasels

Well, there you go. I suppose if it wasn’t for Alberta Flange’s intervention*, we would never have realised that our electro-weasels were slightly out of phase. It takes a practiced eye, I suppose, to pick up on that sort of thing. So, now, after her recommended slight adjustments, our electro-weasels are running between 80 toContinue reading “Over-Clocking Your Electro-Weasels”

More Government ‘Education’ Plans Outlined

The UK government has announced plans to teach children, in schools, that domestic violence against women and children is unacceptable, in what many believe is yet another initially fine-sounding government initiative meant to tackle a serious problem that ought to be addressed, but is – in reality – just another of those ‘policies’ they keepContinue reading “More Government ‘Education’ Plans Outlined”

Parents Not Being Made Paranoid Enough, Warns Charity

Another pressure group has announced that people are not being given enough contradictory advice about their lifestyles to cause sufficient amounts of unnecessary panic, or even the vital levels of doubt, worry and concern that leaves them cowed and bewildered, and therefore much easier to govern. ‘Parents are not being made paranoid enough by theContinue reading “Parents Not Being Made Paranoid Enough, Warns Charity”

Queen’s Speech – Education Reforms

Despite the enormous emphasis put on education by the Labour government during its term of office, the government believes there are still some unresolved problems with the education system. As Ed ‘Total’ Balls the Education spokesmen said, outlining the education measures that will be in the Queen’s Speech: Despite our best efforts over the lastContinue reading “Queen’s Speech – Education Reforms”

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