Celebrity News

These days the name of Smorgasbord Impetigo – heiress to the Impetigo chain of burger bars and infamous girl about town – is on everyone’s lips. It was revealed yesterday to an almost indifferent world that the once briefly-notorious ‘stolen’ homemade video of Smorgasbord and the two Swedish plumbers playing – at least, initially –Continue reading “Celebrity News”

Space Exploration News

NASA announced yesterday that their latest unmanned lunar probe, Steve III, has discovered significant deposits of what appears to be warm toast near the Moon’s South Pole. A NASA spokesperson said, to an astonished press corps: Adding this to last year’s discovery of significant thick-cut marmalade deposits by the earlier lunar probe, Steve II, justContinue reading “Space Exploration News”

Annual Rub Your Genitals In a Bowl Of Raspberry Jelly Day

This is – as you probably well know by now – Annual Rub Your Genitals In A Bowl Of Raspberry Jelly Day. In the past, we of this proud island race used to be quite keen on displaying our jelly-smeared genitalia to all and sundry as we disported ourselves down the streets in a jolly,Continue reading “Annual Rub Your Genitals In a Bowl Of Raspberry Jelly Day”

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