Better the Devil you Know

  Well, there you have it, not much to look at, but it does tend to frighten away many of those who seem to delight in coming to the front door in order to attempt to sell you stuff, up to and including a very dubious notion of an afterlife so bland, dull and humourlessContinue reading “Better the Devil you Know”

Some New Furniture

  It was a bit odd, I’ll give you that. After all, domestic furniture is not supposed to breed – at least, not as far as I know. Although, I do tend to fall behind and miss out on the latest trends, fashions and so forth, I think I would have noticed something in theContinue reading “Some New Furniture”

They Call Me The Hunter

  They call me The Hunter. I moved between the shadows, between the trees, behind the bushes. I moved from place to place and the prey would never know I was there, they could only sense something was there; that there was something changed about the world they thought they were living in and onlyContinue reading “They Call Me The Hunter”

Something for the Weekend: Free Short Story – Twisting the Night Away

  Available FREE this weekend for the Kindle. Twisting the Night Away (Short story – 5,000 words approx.) If you want to get an ex-girlfriend back, what could be a better way of impressing her than a magic carpet ride through the night to a romantic evening together in some alternate dimension? […] I lookedContinue reading “Something for the Weekend: Free Short Story – Twisting the Night Away”

The Waters of the Earth

  When he first took the wrapping off, it didn’t look all that impressive. Still, the adverts had been very good at grabbing his attention and all the reviews he’d seen, suggested that it was one of the best models on the market. He’d still had a few reservations though, especially when he first sawContinue reading “The Waters of the Earth”

The Secrets of Hats

It involved a hat, after all this time I can’t really remember all the details. We were young, though, and we knew little of the secrets of the universe, the secrets of hats in particular. When you are young like that, and as involved with yourself and those around you of the same age, youContinue reading “The Secrets of Hats”


It was not really that obvious, not at first anyway. The dark was deep and seemed almost heavy as though the night had dropped some heavy black blanket over the room, letting its folds fall into the corners to create a thicker darkness. I could sense something was wrong though, how I do not know.Continue reading “Visitation”

Some Odd Angle to This World

It lay, I knew, at some odd angle to this world. It was there waiting for me, I had seen its high towers through the morning mists. I had glimpsed the road I would have to take to cross the old stone bridge over the river that separated this world from that, but only ifContinue reading “Some Odd Angle to This World”

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