The Days are Barred and Bolted

Some mornings it is hard to find a way into the day. The day has its doors bolted shut and all its windows locked. The day is waiting, there, in front of you but there seems to be no way in. You are stuck out here in the dark and cold of the night; whereContinue reading “The Days are Barred and Bolted”

Monday Poem: Creatures that Crawl

Creatures that Crawl We no longer need to believein ghosts or creatures that crawlout of myth and superstition.We grow too old for all that. Still, though, you want to believestill want to think that somethingis waiting closer than safetyfor the moment when it can crawl out of the darker shadows and oninto your unprotected mindthatContinue reading “Monday Poem: Creatures that Crawl”

The Vegetables of Darkness

‘The marrow, the marrow,’ she said in a voice that will haunt me every time I pass a greengrocer or walk the lonely haunted vegetable aisle of a supermarket. Back in those days, of course, an allotment was a wild and dangerous place, a place for adventurers and those not afraid of the wild andContinue reading “The Vegetables of Darkness”

The People of the River God

So, this was how it began; a moment taken out of the river of time and set aside here on the riverbank, just for her. I had travelled this river for such a long time. From the place where the river was no longer a stream, down all its twists and turns, I had travelledContinue reading “The People of the River God”

The Perils of Unsliced Bread

It was not as though she had never sliced bread before, but I remembered only too well what happened the last time. Certain women should not be allowed near sharpened blades, especially those with a well-developed feeling of disgruntlement towards their nearest and – formerly – dearest. Still, it stopped bleeding eventually and she didContinue reading “The Perils of Unsliced Bread”

The Night of the Shortage of Spoons

It all began on the now infamous Night of the Shortage of Spoons, that tragic night when the vast majority of the UK’s transport cafés were left without any adequate tea-stirring utensils, thus bringing the whole country to the verge of chaos. Up until then, the UK had been run in its usual half-arsed wayContinue reading “The Night of the Shortage of Spoons”

Head Prefect

Pete was sorting through his sports bag, checking everything was there, ready for his gym session. ‘So, what sort of thing do you want to do?’ Howard shrugged. ‘I dunno.’ ‘There must be something?’ Howard stood up behind his desk and shrugged his jacket on. ‘Like what?’ ‘I… er… football?’ ‘Nah, not that interested.’ HowardContinue reading “Head Prefect”

She Got Lost

She had too many of those times written in the lines of her face. Back then, we had all the immortality of youth and we thought we could go on forever. Time happens to all of us though, mostly while we aren’t looking. Turn away for a moment and when you turn back you findContinue reading “She Got Lost”

Her Gentle Lands

It was a cold rough land where the winds raged in torment and the snows and rains fell as though the heavens were cursing the land that shuddered and shivered beneath them. It was not a land for the gentle and the graceful, for the delicate and the fine, so what she was doing there,Continue reading “Her Gentle Lands”

The Fall

Something felt odd about it. Not the fact that she was wandering down a dark tunnel, deep underground, that was odd enough, but there was something… almost like a living presence that she felt in the air around her. Almost as if, she thought, something was breathing the air in and out around her. IfContinue reading “The Fall”

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