Monday Poem: Once-Invented Gods

Once-Invented Gods Now there is only time and there’s no space outside this, as the numbers fall on downinto the space between the distant spaces.You twist and turn to become a shape that movesthrough distances and times still turning too. We keep what we can hold, the reaching hand outstretched towards what we almost canContinue reading “Monday Poem: Once-Invented Gods”

The Safe House

I had not seen her in months. When we met again, eventually, it was almost like meeting each other for the first time. The safe house, this time, was a large bare flat up high in a tower block. It made me nervous, being up that high. It always limits the chances of escape. AfterContinue reading “The Safe House”

Monday Poem: The Way Back

The Way Back All of this is hidden in the darkest cornersof those places you do not want to go,if these are memories, they hauntyou like malignant ghosts. If they are not memories, you walkthese halls and corridors,searching for a shape to bring fortha new world from these ashes Of a life you once heldContinue reading “Monday Poem: The Way Back”

Thursday Poem: Crumbles away to Dust

Crumbles away to Dust You want to feel the solidity of this world.A world that crumbles away to dust at your touchand blown away on the breezes like the footstepsyou take across its dry surface that billows then falls behind you, leaving no trace of any one step you take as the faces turn awayContinue reading “Thursday Poem: Crumbles away to Dust”

It is Coming

Then there were the dreams, dark broodings shadowed dreams that seem to hint, to suggest, to portend. Even the most pleasant dream of, say, a summer’s day spent by the river had a dark cloud somewhere in it, a portent of the storms to come. Most dreams, though, were of the darkness itself; of shadowsContinue reading “It is Coming”

Endless Winter

The weather was cold, wet, damp. It seemed like there would never be another summer again. The winter seemed endless. Each day we would reluctantly drag ourselves from the sleeping furs and peer out into the damp, misty gloom of another dull day. The cold seemed to have seeped into our bones making us feelContinue reading “Endless Winter”

The Collective Good

There were times when we could escape from it all and spend some time alone together. Of course, it was dangerous, the others of our Collective – like everyone else – were suspicious of people wanting to be alone, or even alone together, but it was possible. For all their talk of The Collective andContinue reading “The Collective Good”

The Lucky Ones

We knew, when the first snows fell, that it would be difficult. It was a new world for us now. The interconnected civilisation that we had grown up within had all gone, destroyed itself and left us alone. Before it all fell apart, people used to say that those that survived the thousand shocks thatContinue reading “The Lucky Ones”

Dread of the New Day

There were times when it seemed too hard, too difficult to meet the new day. Times when the night never seemed long enough, even though she chased restless sleep across the bed all night. She dreaded the sound of the alarm, which would, inevitably, drag her from whatever exhausted sleep she’d managed, where her dreamsContinue reading “Dread of the New Day”

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