At the Time

  If only I’d known at the time, which – with time these days being the way it is these days – was certainly possible, if not likely. However, with the new modern hand-held time machine taking over as the gadget of choice, supplanting the mere smartphone, we can see more and more of theContinue reading “At the Time”

We Long for a Sign

  It could have been a moment that took time in its grasp and turned everything back on itself; a time when time itself began again. Each moment hangs there, waiting and we wait too, as though expecting something, some sign to show us which way to turn. These days though, there is not muchContinue reading “We Long for a Sign”

At the End of Waiting

  There is nothing. There is silence. There is stillness. It is as though time has stopped. It is as though the time has stopped moving ever onward, as if the decades no longer drip by like a broken tap until the bucket of centuries fills up and overflows into another millennia. She waits…. SheContinue reading “At the End of Waiting”

A Taste of Freedom

  We had little time, we knew that. The security police would be alerted as soon as we made any move towards opening it. It had been hidden away down in this disused cellar for weeks; each of us taking time on a rota to come and check that it was still here, still workingContinue reading “A Taste of Freedom”

Artificial Intelligence and its Limitations

Well, I suppose you had to be there, or – at least – in fairly close proximity, otherwise it would probably have made no sense to you at all. At least, that is if you hadn’t seen one of them before and the way it can totally reconfigure your conception of what it means toContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence and its Limitations”

Out Alone at Night

She stepped out of the night in front of me and I did not know what to say. I had expected something like this ever since I’d first seen her, three days before, walking alone down by the river as the day faded into the grey of a late summer evening. Tonight, though, I didContinue reading “Out Alone at Night”

The Official Sponsors

Those were the days, you could tell because they had that day’s official sponsor’s logo on them and you aren’t allowed to use ay other company’s products on that day, which made for some rather unfortunate incidents on those days not sponsored by a toilet roll company… and as for the first Tuesday in October,Continue reading “The Official Sponsors”

First They Came for the Fish

Still, though, you do have to wonder where they get them from, don’t you? You don’t? Right…. Perhaps it is just me, then. Although, when that knock comes on your door in the early hours of the morning, don’t say you weren’t warned. First they came for the fish… and all that. You may thinkContinue reading “First They Came for the Fish”

Making Contact

I don’t know what you’d call it, except that you probably wouldn’t call it Simon. That is, at least not unless you are the sort of person who has a tendency to name things Simon. Still, I suppose Simon would be better than Ermintrude, providing you have the sex thing sorted out, of course. ProvidingContinue reading “Making Contact”

No Such Concept

The longer Sydrill stood there just smiling that enigmatic smile of hers, the more uncomfortable he looked. That slow, languid blink of hers when she is thinking, or listening to her translation machine, makes it seem as though she is frozen, not paying attention, gone off on some alien daydream or something. He turned toContinue reading “No Such Concept”

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