Ways of Beginning Again

It did seem as though there were ways of beginning again, of forgetting all that had happened and starting anew. The past was over, gone and out of reach. She knew there was nothing she could do to change it. The only option she had was to leave if all behind, forget about it, moveContinue reading “Ways of Beginning Again”

She was the Story I Told

She was the story I told myself as we sat together wrapped in a fur, watching the flickering flames. With her, I was never alone again, even though she only came to me during the night. In the daytime, we kept our distance from each other, knowing stories only have their power in the darkContinue reading “She was the Story I Told”

The Lucky Ones

We knew, when the first snows fell, that it would be difficult. It was a new world for us now. The interconnected civilisation that we had grown up within had all gone, destroyed itself and left us alone. Before it all fell apart, people used to say that those that survived the thousand shocks thatContinue reading “The Lucky Ones”

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