The Look

‘Perhaps this would be a good place to start?’ I said. She looked around. She was not impressed. ‘Not much of a page is it?’ ‘What do you mean? A page is a page. They all look like this until something is written on them. She didn’t seem convinced. She gave me a look. ThatContinue reading “The Look”

When Empires Fall

The end, when it came, came quickly. For a long time the Sun Empire had dismissed us as savages, treated us cruelly, kept us behind a wall in the northernmost outposts of their Empire. My father and his father before him had both led armies against that wall. Both had failed. My Grandfather died fallingContinue reading “When Empires Fall”

Soldiery and the British Empire

Salute Runituptheflagpole is one of the most famous British soldiers from the British Empire era. As many people know, the British Empire was once the largest empire the world had ever known. For such a far-flung and expansive empire, the British army itself was relatively small. But to fill its ranks it drew its soldieryContinue reading “Soldiery and the British Empire”

The Darkest Days of History

Splendiferous Parkingspace first came to prominence in the UK during the 1980s. Nowadays, of course, the 1980s are officially regarded as the most boring decade in human history, even outclassing the Turnip Mania decade of the 1770s in many histories of the world. A period which – of course – ultimately led to the BritishContinue reading “The Darkest Days of History”

The Theory of Pie

In the past, people often thought the universe was unchanging and eternal… at least until the invention of the pie. Philosophers, after Plato, thought this world was somehow an imperfect copy of some ideal existence. This world was a mere shadow cast on the cave wall, of the perfect world. But as Francis Bacon discoveredContinue reading “The Theory of Pie”

The Philosophy of Bacon Sandwiches

‘Each donkey is unique in its own way. Then again so is each mandolin. However, approaching the wrong donkey with the wrong mandolin is not recommended. Nor – for that matter – is approaching the right donkey with the wrong mandolin.’ As many of those who have studied philosophy will recognise, those are the wordsContinue reading “The Philosophy of Bacon Sandwiches”

How Cheese Made Civilisation Possible

Many people these days are familiar with how evolutionary psychology has shaped the human mind. For back in the early years, when humans were small groups of hunter gatherers, there was little or no naturally occurring cheese to be found. Those who did discover the natural cheese deposits began to mine it and develop theContinue reading “How Cheese Made Civilisation Possible”

21st Century Political Theory

Parkingspace Bewlideredswan is probably the world’s leading 21st-century political theorist. Political Science up until the middle of the Twentieth Century assumed that there was some point to politics. However, as events in the late 1970s proved, Left Wing political theories although they did sound nice, never did or could work. Alternatively, it was demonstrated overContinue reading “21st Century Political Theory”

A Surfeit of the Middle Ages

Although born in the late Middle-Ages, Palfrey Surfeit became one of the most famous proto-scientists and artists of his – and all – time. Surfeit astounded the scholars of the period when he discovered that women were naked under their clothes. He also proved the moon was not actually made of the navel lint ofContinue reading “A Surfeit of the Middle Ages”

How Computers Became Ubiquitous

Fumigate Sockdrawer became the world’s foremost computer scientists at an unusually young age. He developed one of the leading software programs that became essential for every computer in the home or workplace in the early years of the internet. Sockdrawer was also instrumental in the growth of the internet from a hobbyist pastime to theContinue reading “How Computers Became Ubiquitous”

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