Human Origins and Out of Africa

Even then, though, there were far too many of them to be entirely comfortable. After all, the fear of such things is almost instinctive in humans, probably dating back to when our ancestors still lived in the trees. For in those times, fleeing from an opinion pollster would have been limited by the lack ofContinue reading “Human Origins and Out of Africa”

The Stormriders

  Back then we were The Stormriders; we would thunder into people’s lives like heavy dark clouds of chaos with the lightning of our steel flashing as we caused chaos, death and destruction all around us, leaving burning and bodies behind as we sped away – there and then gone like any sudden storm. BackContinue reading “The Stormriders”

Time Ripper

  It was time. I mean… well, I was there, but it was time that did it, not me. Something, someone else, stepped into those minutes between us beginning one of our usual arguments and Julie lying dead on the kitchen floor. When the police arrived, the bloody knife was on the floor next toContinue reading “Time Ripper”

The Shape in the Shadows

  Sometimes, though, Mayla got the idea that she was not alone. There was something out there: watching, waiting, licking its lips. She could almost feel its hot, meaty breath on her as she walked the paths around the settlement, searching for berries, fruit, herbs and those special plants the wise woman, Belonda, had taughtContinue reading “The Shape in the Shadows”

The Undead and Allied Trades

  And breathe…. Or not, if you are a fully-paid up member of the Undead and Allied Trades Association. Since the incorporation into EU employment law of legislation outlawing discrimination against those who are no longer alive. It has become clear that the rate of unemployment amongst the Undead still remains stubbornly higher than theContinue reading “The Undead and Allied Trades”

Looking for Shelter

It was slow; hesitant. We crept through the bushes, keeping low; watching and listening as we crept closer. There was no movement. The house looked deserted, empty. Although, we had been fooled like that once before, back in the beginning. Nowadays, we were much more cautious. We had all watched Steve die and none ofContinue reading “Looking for Shelter”

It Came Out of the Sky

  It came out of the sky like a great tumbling avalanche that threatened to engulf the whole world, spreading chaos and destruction for miles around. Oh, the humanity! There was paprika everywhere. Quickly, I closed the cupboard again before any more could fall out. Such is the lot of every human, except – itContinue reading “It Came Out of the Sky”

On-Line Bullying and Abuse

In the end, it turned out to not be that important; at least when she realised that nobody really gave that much of a shit one way or another. It was just another of those moral panics whipped up by a media constantly worried about its own increasing lack of relevance in people’s lives, nowContinue reading “On-Line Bullying and Abuse”

The River

  Jill laughed and broke free from Pete, climbing out of the old building and running off down the sheep track into the dark of the evening. There was a full moon, leaving their clothes behind on the old blanket from his car, Pete chased after Jill’s ghost-like body as she ran. Pete knew exactlyContinue reading “The River”

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