Sometimes We Forget

Of course, we forgot. Forgetting is so easy, except for those things we do not want to forget. Even now, after all these years, us older ones cannot forget those times, or what came after. Now, though, there is so much to remember, and – well – sometimes, we forget. Susan must have forgotten, that’sContinue reading “Sometimes We Forget”

The Others

The mornings were cold, dark and slow. Jenna felt a reluctance to leave the warmth of her bed and shuffle out into the cold and dark, especially now. She knew she was safe, for now, inside the house. But she didn’t know how long it would last. The Others, out there, were learning, or remembering,Continue reading “The Others”

That Talk of Bravery

The tales and the legends talk about bravery, about the great warriors who saved the day against the odds. They call me brave because of what I did. But I did only what had to be done. There was no other way. If that – having no alternative – is bravery, then I’m sure everyContinue reading “That Talk of Bravery”

Jason Bosomthrobber and the Cornish Pasty Mine Disasters

These days, Todger SlightlyInclined is probably best known as the actor who plays the part of Jasper Bosomthrobber, the struggling owner of a Cornish pasty mine, in the TV adaptation of Nigella Twee’s historical novel of the same name. The eponymous novel is the first in a series of 256 novels. The series charts theContinue reading “Jason Bosomthrobber and the Cornish Pasty Mine Disasters”

The Prey and Survival

She hung there, wrapping the darkness around herself like a cape. This world had changed so much while she’d slept. It no longer felt like her world at all. When she’d laid her tired body down for the long sleep, she was expecting the prey to die, to become extinct. The prey had been dyingContinue reading “The Prey and Survival”

The Numbers of the Beasts

They are out there, the creeping things. A smell blows in on the breeze, a smell of corruption, of rotten meat, of beast. A smell of creatures long lost to memory, but still lurking there, waiting to return. No-one knows where they came from. Some talk of conspiracies and experiments. Others look at the skyContinue reading “The Numbers of the Beasts”

New at Wattpad: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge

Sometimes, Claire glimpsed a world hidden away behind her thoughts. Back there, in the shadows, were those lurking creatures she tried not to think about too often. She knew those dark creatures hid in the shadows behind her. Occasionally, she saw flickers in mirrors and reflected back from the glass she brought up to herContinue reading “New at Wattpad: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge”

Theoretical Physics and the Good Tune Particle

Aardvark Hornsection is, of course, the world’s leading authority on what had become known as Tune Theory. This is an attempt by both theoretical and applied physicists to understand just why certain tunes get stuck in the head, sometimes irrespective of whether we like them or not. Of course, it was Einstein himself a physicistContinue reading “Theoretical Physics and the Good Tune Particle”

She Was Awoken

She has had bodies like this before, back in the long ago. Back before her long hibernation, she knew about bodies like this with their weak arms and legs, their lack of claws and teeth. It was a challenge back then, learning how to use a body like this to hunt and to kill. BackContinue reading “She Was Awoken”

New Updated Book Cover: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge

I have updated the cover for my short story: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge above. Here is the book description: Dark creatures writhe in the city’s shadows, Claire has seen them and seen their hungry eyes watching her… and waiting. Claire avoids the darkness and the shadows of the city’s nights because she knowsContinue reading “New Updated Book Cover: An Undulation of a Shadow’s Edge”

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